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When is the last mow of the season?

Hello. My name is Chester. I’m the founder of Big Lakes Lawncare and the question being asked is, how late in the season do you mow. Now, we’re in Macomb Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, and the weather is sort of volatile here. Sometimes it’s snowing on Halloween and sometimes it’s 70 degrees on Thanksgiving. So, this is one that’s a little bit variable. Now, generally we cut weekly starting in like the first or second week of April and we cut your lawn weekly ...
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Pause, cancel, or skip-Our services are designed to work for you!

Hey guys. Chester with Big Lakes Lawncare. Today I’m going to talk a little bit about contracts, contracts for the work being done at your property etc and how we structure them. So, a unique point about our business, our mowing business specifically, is that we are free of contract. That means you don’t need to sign anything. You don’t need to commit to anything. All you have to do is call us. We can measure your property and quote you right over the phone. You don’t ...
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How we guarantee quality with random spot checks.

Hello. I’m Chester, founder Big Lakes Lawncare. The question is what is a quality spot-check and why do you do them. Quality spot check is something that is unique to our company. We send out managers and office staff occasionally into the field to randomly check on all the properties we service. We check to ensure that there’s nothing that’s getting missed by our crews, that the property is looking perfect and that there’s nothing extra that the property...
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Why Having GPS in our trucks is good for our clients?

Hello. Chester Buczynski here with Big Lakes Lawncare. The question is why do you have GPS tracking units in all of your trucks. So, we have a GPS tracking unit in every single one of our company trucks and there are a few reasons why. The first and foremost reason is for security purposes. We know where all our trucks are at all times. We know when they get to your property and how long they stay there. We know when they leave and we know which members of our company were servicing the...
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Why do you mow my lawn in a different direction each week?

Hello. My name is Chester Buczynski. I’m the founder of Big Lakes Lawncare and the question is, why do you mow my lawn in a different direction every week. The reason we mow your lawn in a different direction every week is to avoid rutting. If we run our mowers the same direction week in and week out across your property, ruts will start to form. Another thing that happens is the grass starts to lay over and it doesn’t stand up straight for a nice crisp cut. It flattens out...
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