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When do I start my sprinkler system?

Hello, it’s Chester with Big Lakes Lawn Care. The question is, when do I start up my sprinkler system in the spring? The answer is, you start up your sprinkler system in the spring when the nighttime temperatures are staying above freezing. Generally in southeast Michigan, that’s late April, early May. Be careful not to start up your sprinkler system too early, because if you do, you run the risk of having an overnight freeze that could damage the system. So again, late...
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Macomb Lawn Mowing Pricing

Yo, what’s up guys? It’s Chester with Big Lakes Lawncare. Really quick, I’m going to talk to you about lawn mowing prices. We cut tons of lawns. That’s our bread and butter, is cutting grass, and we cut hundreds, if not 1000 lawns every week by the time you’re watching this video. The average price at our company is $29.97. That means we’ll come in, we’ll edge all the concrete, whip around all the obstacles, we’ll mow the lawn in a...
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What you should look for in a snow plowing contract!

What’s up, everyone? I just got a quick tip for you. This video is especially helpful for property managers, facility managers, business owners, purchasing agents. If you’re getting a snow plowing contract, you better make sure that they guarantee repairing any sod damage in the spring. I just got a call from a lead up in Auburn Hills, and he said his sod’s all torn up from his plowing company and he’s looking for a bid. That should be included in the contract. ...
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What happens to our mowing schedule when it rains?

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How to tell when your new sod can be mowed

Hello. Chester Buczynski here, Big Lakes Lawncare. The question is how do I know when my new side lawn is ready to be mowed. There are a few ways to tell how your new sod is ready or when it’s ready to be mowed, rather. The best test is to walk out into the lawn, grab a hold of some of it with your hands and tug on it. If it’s firmly rooted and it’s hanging on well then your lawn is probably ready to be mowed. If you can still lift the sod up it hasn’t rooted fully...
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Public Service Announcement

Hello! This is Chester with big Lakes Lawncare, and I have a question for you. Do you live in Southeast Michigan? If you live in Macomb County? Or Oakland County? If the answer is yes, then here’s my next question. Do you live in a neighborhood with mature trees? Mature like the ones behind me. If the answer is yes again, then tell me this:, How does your lawn look? Is it old, dried, destroyed, and beat-up? If so? Give us a call. We do sod, we do lots of sod, and we do sod, the best...
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4 Tips to protect your lawn from dogs.

What’s up guys! It’s Chester with Big Lakes Lawncare. Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about how to prevent damage to your lawn from your dog. When a dog pees on the lawn it can damage it. Especially if you have Kentucky Bluegrass. So here are a few points that I want to make: Point number one is that, after you see your dog go, if you get a chance go out there with a hose, spray the spot where it went. That will dilute the pee enough that It won’t be...
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When to trim Forsythia?

What’s up, everyone? It’s Chester here with Big Leagues Lawn Care. Just wanted to show you this plant really quick. This is the same plant from the spring. It’s called a forsythia, and these things are gorgeous and bright yellow when they bloom. When they’re dormant, the other 50 weeks out of the year, they just look kind of scrubby, like a big old unruly bush, but these are gorgeous. When these things do bloom, that means it’s spring. They...
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Shrub Trimming Tips

Since I’m on the Shrub Trimming Tangent, the STT. Shrub, Trimming, Tangent, I’m gonna tell you one more thing about trim, trim and shrubs. Or rather, I’ll give you a few tips, It might be three plus or minus one tip that I will be providing in today’s video. When you trim the shrubs, if it’s a hedgerow, it’s long and flat, boxed edges like a hedge, tie a string, that provides a guide for you to keep it level because as you trim shrubs, your arms get...
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What to be careful of when trimming hedgerows.

Hello. Chester Buczynski here Big Lakes Lawncare. I have a quick quick tip excuse me, a quick tip for any of you that may be trimming your own hedges this year. There’s one tip I have that I see happen all the time. People make this mistake and it makes the hedges look like crap. So, the idea when you’re trimming your hedges is to have a consistent level that’s flat straight across. Now, what happens is you get to the beginning of the shrubs and start trimming...
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