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A Macomb, MI home lawn with regular maintenance.

Lawn Maintenance Services in Macomb, Shelby, & Chesterfield, MI

Our expert lawn maintenance services keep your lawn in tip-top condition throughout the year.

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Lawn maintenance services provided in Chesterfield, Macomb, and other cities in Michigan.

We offer lawn mowing, spring cleanups, and fall cleanups to ensure your yard always looks beautiful.

At Big Lakes Lawncare, we are passionate about keeping area lawns beautiful all year long, and that is why we provide some of the highest-rated lawn maintenance services around. Our crews perform each task with attention to detail and care.

We offer lawn mowing, fall cleanups, and spring cleanups to properties in Shelby, Macomb, Chesterfield, and other surrounding cities in Michigan.

Weekly lawn mowing is performed to ensure your grass does not get too tall.

Deep green home lawn with mowing lines near Chesterfield, MI.

During the Michigan growing season, which generally lasts from mid-April through mid-November, our crews will perform weekly lawn mowing. At each visit, we will mow the grass to its proper height to ensure it does not get too tall. Each mowing session also includes edging, blowing grass clippings off of driveways, and string-trimming for a polished look. Learn more about our lawn mowing services.

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Spring cleanups are offered in the month of March.

To get your lawn prepared for the growing season, we offer spring yard cleanups in the month of March. Each cleanup includes removal of yard debris such as sticks, leaves, and twigs as well as:

  • Getting rid of annuals from the previous season that have died
  • Trimming back perennial plants, except for any flowering shrubs as those need to be trimmed after they have bloomed
  • Removing leaves from landscape beds

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Fall cleanups prepare your lawn for the cold winter months.

A fall cleanup is done in November right before the cold winter weather begins. Preparing your lawn for winter is crucial, because leaving a thick layer of leaves to sit on your grass underneath ice and snow can spell disaster for you come spring. That layer of leaves will play host to fungi, which can attack the grass and cause it to die. Those leaves also stop your grass from accessing nutrients before it enters winter dormancy, making it weaker and more susceptible to common threats such as lawn insects.

Our fall cleanups are focused on leaf and debris removal, but we also include cutting back of any perennials, removing dead annuals, and blowing leaves out of landscape beds.

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Leaf removal service during the fall season.

person using a leaf blower during leaf removal in Chesterfield, Michigan

At Big Lakes Lawncare, our team will thoroughly clear away the littered leaves on your lawn with different methods depending on the size of your property. You can schedule this service at any time during the season, however, we recommend scheduling as soon as possible to secure your spot on our calendar. If you want to take matters into your own hands and rake your leaves to your curbside, you can call our team to schedule our curbside pickup service where we will stop by with our vacuum truck and haul your leaves off for you. Our team proudly serves the Macomb, MI area, including nearby areas such as Chesterfield and Shelby.

Our leaf removal process varies a little depending on the size of your land. For larger properties, we will use our leaf blower to blow all of the leaves off of your lawn and to your curb.

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We offer our stump grinding service independently

Grinding Stump Below Grade Level lines near Chesterfield, MI.

Whether you want to eliminate a stump that has been sitting on your property for some time or directly following a tree removal service - we've got you covered! After all, we offer our stump grinding service independently or as an add-on to our tree removal service. If you only need us to handle the stump, you can take advantage of this service separately from any others.

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We offer our tree removal service to residential and commercial properties

Worker Removing Tree

Our priority when removing your tree is the safety of both our crew and your property. So, we follow a comprehensive, step-by-step process and utilize the proper heavy-duty equipment to safely and efficiently remove it. We'll ensure we do everything right the first time so that no damage comes to your property or its surroundings. Then, we'll haul the debris away so it doesn't become a nuisance.

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Do you need help maintaining your lawn? Contact us for a consultation.

For several years, we have provided Macomb, Chesterfield, Shelby, and nearby communities in Michigan with lawn maintenance services. Our lawn experts treat your lawn as if it were their own and always leave your property looking immaculate. If you need help maintaining your lawn, then contact us today at (586) 200-0855 to schedule a consultation with our lawn pros.

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