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Big Lakes Lawncare employee on a zero turn lawn mower in Sterling Heights, MI.

Job Perks with Big Lakes Lawncare

Employee Perks

What’s up you guys! It’s Chester with Big Lakes Lawncare. Today I want to tell you a few things, a few perks, about working for us at Big Lakes Lawncare. Richard Branson said that a company is just a group of people. It’s really nothing more, and I firmly believe that people are what make an organization something special, and that’s why we take really good care of our people. We have paid time off at Big Lakes Lawncare. Some of our managers, get week or two paid time off, people at management. Anybody who starts with us, your very first year with us, you get paid Thanksgiving, you get paid Christmas. There is a schedule then whereas you stay with us for longer, you get paid on fourth of July, you get paid on Memorial Day., You get paid time off on Labor Day and I have a few people working for me who actually get a paid day off on their birthday. That’s something cool, and our people deserve it so we give it to them. We have nice uniforms, you get brand new uniforms with us look at that! You get clean, fresh, good gear with us. We buy brand new equipment, brand new mowers every year. We run all brand-new stick equipment every year. We have cool bosses. If someone’s not cool or they’re argumentative or they’re just rude. You won’t work here, you know we take good care of our guys. We don’t cuss, we don’t yell, we teach them how to do their work well and give them room to advance; We give them autonomy. If you know what you’re doing, you do stuff well, we get out of your way and let you go do your thing out in the field. We really care about our team and we’re always trying to grow it.

So, if you’d like, if you’re interested in doing some work or getting a job, then give us a call! Thanks.

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