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Commercial lawn care and landscaping in Macomb, MI.

Commercial Lawn Care & Landscaping Services in Macomb, Shelby, & Chesterfield, MI

We offer reliable commercial lawn care and landscaping services for businesses and HOAs.

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Reliable commercial lawn care services for businesses and HOAs in Chesterfield, Troy, Sterling Heights, and nearby areas of Michigan.

Commercial and HOA properties can benefit from professional services by having year-round color and a well-manicured landscape.

Commercial lawn care and landscaping at a Shelby, MI commercial property.

Commercial property owners shouldn’t skimp on lawn care services. Professional landscaping and maintenance offer vibrant aesthetics and help make a better first impression for clients and customers.

Commercial lawn management has very different needs from that of residential properties, which is where our expertise comes in. Learn more about how Big Lakes Lawncare’s commercial services can boost the curb appeal for your businesses and HOAs in Macomb, Shelby, and other neighboring communities in Michigan.

Commercial Snow Removal and De-icing

Commercial snow removal services at a Chesterfield, MI business property.

Snow is hazardous under normal circumstances, but it’s an even bigger concern for commercial properties. Property owners are liable for any injuries on the job or incurred by customers or clients. Snowy parking lots and icy sidewalks are prime examples of wintery risks that can result in multiple slip and fall accidents.

We offer a variety of commercial snow removal and de-icing contracts for commercial properties that will depend on your personal preferences and your property size and layout.

Our snow removal experts use commercial equipment, including heavy-duty plows and blowers, to remove snow from walkways, entryways, and parking lots. We make sure to use the right equipment for every job so that none of the concrete or brick areas of your property are damaged. We also use various de-icing treatments to prevent ice from reforming after melting.

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Commercial Lawn & Landscaping

Having a commercial property with a flourishing landscape can make a great first impression on clients and customers before they even enter your business. For that reason, maintaining an immaculate property is a critical component to building operations.

Commercial lawn and landscaping services include:

  • Lawn mowing – We develop a regular mowing schedule throughout the growing season.
  • Seasonal cleanups – Fall and spring cleanups involve updating landscaping beds, cutting back perennials, and debris/leaf removal.
  • Fertilization & weed control – Lawns should adhere to a regular fertilization schedule for consistent growth and color. Regular weeding will also encourage lawn growth.
  • Plantings and bed renovations – Looking for a property makeover? New plantings and seasonal color can keep your flower beds from looking stale and withered.
  • Aeration and overseeding – Annual aeration and overseeding refreshes your grass and encourages stronger growth by breaking up compacted soil so key nutrients, water, and sunlight can penetrate the lawn's root system.

HOA Grounds Maintenance

Homeowners associations have an obligation to maintain common spaces, partially because that’s what homeowners are paying for. Full-service grounds maintenance for HOAs can include:

Scheduling regular mowing and other maintenance services will keep the common areas looking pristine and increase property value. Additionally, common areas that have hazardous conditions (like fallen branches and icy sidewalks) can be a liability for the HOA.

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Looking for reliable, professional lawn care for your business? Schedule a consultation today.

Big Lakes Lawncare company crew, work trucks, and equipment near Macomb, MI.

The outside appearance of your commercial or HOA property can make just as much of an impact on your business as the inside. We offer a full range of lawn and landscape services for commercial businesses and HOA properties, including snow removal, seasonal cleanups, fertilization, and much more.

Big Lakes Lawncare is proud to serve communities in and around Macomb and Shelby, Michigan. Call us today at (586) 200-0855 to schedule a consultation with one of our team members!

Comprehensive Lawn Care & Landscaping

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