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Macomb Lawn Mowing Pricing

Yo, what’s up guys? It’s Chester with Big Lakes Lawncare. Really quick, I’m going to talk to you about lawn mowing prices. We cut tons of lawns. That’s our bread and butter, is cutting grass, and we cut hundreds, if not 1000 lawns every week by the time you’re watching this video. The average price at our company is $29.97. That means we’ll come in, we’ll edge all the concrete, whip around all the obstacles, we’ll mow the lawn in a...
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What happens to our mowing schedule when it rains?

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How to tell when your new sod can be mowed

Hello. Chester Buczynski here, Big Lakes Lawncare. The question is how do I know when my new side lawn is ready to be mowed. There are a few ways to tell how your new sod is ready or when it’s ready to be mowed, rather. The best test is to walk out into the lawn, grab a hold of some of it with your hands and tug on it. If it’s firmly rooted and it’s hanging on well then your lawn is probably ready to be mowed. If you can still lift the sod up it hasn’t rooted fully...
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Lawn Mowing Tips

Everybody loves them, and we’re all thinking about our lawns right now. Maybe, maybe not. There are 40 million acres of lawn in the US, you wanna know the single most irrigated crop in the United States? Corn, soy beans, wheat? Nope! Its lawns. Single biggest irrigated crop in the US is lawns. People love them. People also spend an average of 70 hours per year mowing their lawns and an average of 20 hours per year maintaining their lawn mower, sharpening the blade,...
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3 Ways we keep prices competitive

What’s up guys! It’s Chester with Big Lakes Lawncare. Today I’m going to tell you three of the ways that we keep our prices competitive and low. Way number one is we buy bulk. We buy everything in bulk, we buy lawn mowers in bulk, we buy blades in bulk, materials, mulch, fuel, buy it all in bulk. We pass those savings on to you because we know that if the price is too high, it doesn’t matter how good our work is. You’re not going to be interested. The second way ...
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Why do we make these videos?

Hey it’s Chester here with Big Lakes Lawncare  the question is why do you make these videos. Someone actually asked me that. We make these videos to communicate and educate; it’s free, it’s awesome information, we try to pack them with actually valuable stuff so that if you’re doing your own yard work, these can be a value to you. It’s a great way to communicate people love video nowadays. They want to see a video they want to be able to X out in five...
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When is the last mow of the season?

Hello. My name is Chester. I’m the founder of Big Lakes Lawncare and the question being asked is, how late in the season do you mow. Now, we’re in Macomb Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, and the weather is sort of volatile here. Sometimes it’s snowing on Halloween and sometimes it’s 70 degrees on Thanksgiving. So, this is one that’s a little bit variable. Now, generally we cut weekly starting in like the first or second week of April and we cut your lawn weekly ...
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Why do you mow my lawn in a different direction each week?

Hello. My name is Chester Buczynski. I’m the founder of Big Lakes Lawncare and the question is, why do you mow my lawn in a different direction every week. The reason we mow your lawn in a different direction every week is to avoid rutting. If we run our mowers the same direction week in and week out across your property, ruts will start to form. Another thing that happens is the grass starts to lay over and it doesn’t stand up straight for a nice crisp cut. It flattens out...
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