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What you should look for in a snow plowing contract!

What’s up, everyone? I just got a quick tip for you. This video is especially helpful for property managers, facility managers, business owners, purchasing agents. If you’re getting a snow plowing contract, you better make sure that they guarantee repairing any sod damage in the spring. I just got a call from a lead up in Auburn Hills, and he said his sod’s all torn up from his plowing company and he’s looking for a bid. That should be included in the contract. ...
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We guarantee our plowing services

Hey guys, it’s Chester with Big Lake Lawncare. Real quick I want to let you know, that if you sign up for our plowing services, and any of your sod is damaged or a sprinkler head gets broken, In the act of us plowing or snow blowing your property – We come back in the spring for free we fix them all. No questions asked, we know that it’s just a product of working in the snow.Things do get damaged and we fix them all for free. If you have any doubts or...
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