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When to trim Forsythia?

What’s up, everyone? It’s Chester here with Big Leagues Lawn Care. Just wanted to show you this plant really quick. This is the same plant from the spring. It’s called a forsythia, and these things are gorgeous and bright yellow when they bloom. When they’re dormant, the other 50 weeks out of the year, they just look kind of scrubby, like a big old unruly bush, but these are gorgeous. When these things do bloom, that means it’s spring. They...
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Shrub Trimming Tips

Since I’m on the Shrub Trimming Tangent, the STT. Shrub, Trimming, Tangent, I’m gonna tell you one more thing about trim, trim and shrubs. Or rather, I’ll give you a few tips, It might be three plus or minus one tip that I will be providing in today’s video. When you trim the shrubs, if it’s a hedgerow, it’s long and flat, boxed edges like a hedge, tie a string, that provides a guide for you to keep it level because as you trim shrubs, your arms get...
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What to be careful of when trimming hedgerows.

Hello. Chester Buczynski here Big Lakes Lawncare. I have a quick quick tip excuse me, a quick tip for any of you that may be trimming your own hedges this year. There’s one tip I have that I see happen all the time. People make this mistake and it makes the hedges look like crap. So, the idea when you’re trimming your hedges is to have a consistent level that’s flat straight across. Now, what happens is you get to the beginning of the shrubs and start trimming...
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Three types of lawn and landscaping companies.

What’s up, everyone? It’s Chester with Big Lakes Lawncare. I’m out here today in Macomb, Michigan. Gorgeous winter day out here. I’m at a site we maintain that’s a hotel. If you’re looking for a lawn or landscape contractor, or snow removal contractor, landscape installation contractor, there’s generally three types of options that you’re gonna be considering. The first option’s the big guy. The second option, excuse me, is the...
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About our phone system.

Hello it’s Chester with Big Lakes Lawncare and today I’m going to talk quickly about our phone system, and how we guarantee that we answer the phone. All the time. So I started this company myself my name is Chester I started Big Lakes Lawncare in late 2014 and one of the first things I did when I decided to start a company, is I looked around for my competition. Who else is doing what I want to do in the market. I found about the top 50 companies in the area that did the...
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The key to installing mulch around the base of a tree.

Hello, my name is Chester. I’m the founder of big lakes lawn care and today I’m going to give you a quick tip if you are installing your own mulch this year. So, one mistake that people make when they’re installing mulch is that at the base of their plants and trees in their landscape, they mound the mulch up around the tree trunk or the base of that plant. It looks like a volcano, they do a volcano around the base of the plant. What this does is it chokes off that plant it ...
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3 Ways we keep prices competitive

What’s up guys! It’s Chester with Big Lakes Lawncare. Today I’m going to tell you three of the ways that we keep our prices competitive and low. Way number one is we buy bulk. We buy everything in bulk, we buy lawn mowers in bulk, we buy blades in bulk, materials, mulch, fuel, buy it all in bulk. We pass those savings on to you because we know that if the price is too high, it doesn’t matter how good our work is. You’re not going to be interested. The second way ...
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Transform your property with mulch!

What’s up guys it’s Chester with big Lakes lawn care. Today I’m gonna give you a few points on how to keep your beds weed free. This is a question we get asked all the time, and I figured I’d give you a few pointers on how you can do it by...
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We guarantee our plowing services

Hey guys, it’s Chester with Big Lake Lawncare. Real quick I want to let you know, that if you sign up for our plowing services, and any of your sod is damaged or a sprinkler head gets broken, In the act of us plowing or snow blowing your property – We come back in the spring for free we fix them all. No questions asked, we know that it’s just a product of working in the snow.Things do get damaged and we fix them all for free. If you have any doubts or...
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Why do we make these videos?

Hey it’s Chester here with Big Lakes Lawncare  the question is why do you make these videos. Someone actually asked me that. We make these videos to communicate and educate; it’s free, it’s awesome information, we try to pack them with actually valuable stuff so that if you’re doing your own yard work, these can be a value to you. It’s a great way to communicate people love video nowadays. They want to see a video they want to be able to X out in five...
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