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What Can Mulch Do For My Landscape?

What Can Mulch Do For My Landscape?

Mulching is the process of laying organic or inorganic materials on the surface of the soil. There are many things that mulch can do for your landscape; not only do they provide a cohesive aesthetic, but they also provide healthy and thriving conditions for your plants and trees in your garden. When appropriately applied, mulch has the following beneficial effects on plants and soil, such as providing soil nutrients, blocking weed growth, retaining soil moisture, and so much more. ...
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The key to installing mulch around the base of a tree.

Hello, my name is Chester. I’m the founder of big lakes lawn care and today I’m going to give you a quick tip if you are installing your own mulch this year. So, one mistake that people make when they’re installing mulch is that at the base of their plants and trees in their landscape, they mound the mulch up around the tree trunk or the base of that plant. It looks like a volcano, they do a volcano around the base of the plant. What this does is it chokes off that plant it ...
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Transform your property with mulch!

What’s up guys it’s Chester with big Lakes lawn care. Today I’m gonna give you a few points on how to keep your beds weed free. This is a question we get asked all the time, and I figured I’d give you a few pointers on how you can do it by...
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