Spring is a season of rejuvenation, and you'll want to ensure your lawn in Michigan receives two fertilizer treatments so it can emerge from winter dormancy in great shape! Fertilizing your turf in the early spring with a starter fertilizer high in nitrogen will give it a much-needed boost of this essential nutrient to help it green up quickly and promote healthy growth as it emerges from winter dormancy. In late spring, you should apply another round of spring fertilizer because it replenishes the nutrients that have been used from the previous application and helps prepare your grass for the upcoming summer heat.

While fertilizing your lawn is an important part of lawn care, it's best to leave it to professionals. By scheduling fertilization treatments with lawn care experts, you can be sure that you're providing your lawn with the best care possible and promoting its long-term health and vitality.

Nourish Your Lawn with a Starter Fertilizer High in Nitrogen in Early Spring

Lawn fertilized in the spring in Macomb, MI.

You'll want to fertilize your lawn in the early spring to help it emerge from winter dormancy. To jumpstart its growth during this season, you should use a starter fertilizer high in nitrogen. This macronutrient promotes chlorophyll production, which gives your lawn its lush green color and encourages strong, resilient grass growth. By applying a starter fertilizer rich in nitrogen in early spring, you can help your grass green up quicker than if you were to skip this treatment and flourish as it transitions into the new growing season.

You Should Apply Another Round of Fertilizer in Late Spring

In addition to an early spring fertilizer treatment, you should also administer another round of fertilizer in late spring. While the first treatment in early spring helped your lawn recover from any winter-related damage, the second one in late spring will give it a much-needed nutrient boost just before the hotter summer months set in. Summer is stressful on lawns due to the hot weather conditions, and they need to be prepared ahead of time to endure it successfully. So, by giving it another dose of spring fertilizer at this time, you can equip it with vital nutrients that bolster its health and strength, making it better equipped to withstand the summer heat.

You can pair your spring fertilizer applications with weed control treatments to prevent weeds from stealing precious resources from your grass!

Hire professionals to fertilize your lawn in Michigan.

If you are looking to fertilize your lawn in Michigan twice in the spring but don't know how to proceed, it's a good idea to hire lawn care professionals. They have the necessary expertise to determine when your grass needs fertilizer treatments and what type of products to use. These experts will come to your property in the spring to evaluate the current condition of your turf and apply the appropriate fertilizer, along with any additional services as required. By entrusting your lawn fertilization efforts to experts who know precisely what it needs and when to apply treatments, you can achieve the best possible results for your lawn.

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Our lawn fertilization program is designed to help you keep your lawn healthy and beautiful throughout the growing season. With six visits scheduled at strategic times, we provide various nutrient-rich treatments to keep your lawn healthy and lush. We understand that the right nutrients are crucial for your lawn's growth and development, so we use high-quality fertilizers tailored to your specific lawn's needs. In addition to fertilization, we also provide pre- and post-emergent weed control to keep it weed-free.

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