As spring approaches in Michigan, it's crucial to start thinking about the proper care for your lawn. One of the best ways to begin is by mowing your lawn before applying the first spring fertilizer treatment. That's because it'll likely be overgrown and have debris scattered across it, so mowing first will allow the fertilizer to penetrate the soil more easily. It is crucial to remember that your lawn needs time to rest after mowing before applying fertilizer. Waiting for at least 24 hours, if not a few days is best to allow the grass to recover from being mowed before adding any nutrients. However, before mowing and fertilizing, make sure your lawn has had a chance to grow and green up again, indicating its health and readiness for maintenance.

Mowing your lawn will clear up debris, making it easier for spring fertilizer to be absorbed.

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Mowing your lawn before applying fertilizer for the first time in the spring helps the treatment reach deep into the soil and penetrate it more easily. Any debris or overgrowth that might have accumulated on your turf over winter can create a barrier between the fertilizer application and the soil. If you apply the fertilizer without mowing first, then it will not be able to reach very deep past the grass blades, making it more difficult for your lawn to absorb it. This can result in lower nutrient uptake and less effective results. By mowing your lawn first, you remove this barrier and enable the fertilizer to make better contact with the soil. This, in turn, increases the absorption of nutrients by your grass, leading to better growth and overall health.

Wait 24 hours to a few days after mowing to fertilize your lawn in the spring!

When it comes to maintaining a healthy lawn, it's important to understand the best practices for fertilizing. After mowing your lawn, it's recommended that you wait for a short while before applying fertilizer. This is because your grass is weaker during this period, as it is coming out of dormancy. If you apply fertilizer immediately after mowing, it can cause even more stress to your grass, leading to issues like fertilizer burn. Fertilizer burn occurs when the grass becomes overwhelmed with nutrients, leading to brown patches and even wilted grass. By waiting 24 hours to a few days before fertilizing, you can give your grass time to recover from the mowing stress.

You should not mow and fertilize your lawn until it starts to grow and green up.

You don't want to mow and apply the spring fertilizer too early or too late. So, how do you know when it's the right time? Well, keep an eye out for signs that your grass is starting to green up and grow again. Once you notice that your lawn has started to turn green and has grown a bit, then it's time to mow and apply fertilizer. It's essential to wait until this because it indicates that the winter dormancy period is over. Applying the fertilizer treatment while your grass is still dormant would likely result in it sitting on top of the soil rather than being absorbed by your grass. By waiting until your lawn is actively growing, you make sure the grass can fully benefit from the fertilizer treatment and that it's ready to be mowed.

In addition to fertilizing, it is important to apply weed control treatments to your lawn during spring.

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