Mulching is the process of laying organic or inorganic materials on the surface of the soil. There are many things that mulch can do for your landscape; not only do they provide a cohesive aesthetic, but they also provide healthy and thriving conditions for your plants and trees in your garden. When appropriately applied, mulch has the following beneficial effects on plants and soil, such as providing soil nutrients, blocking weed growth, retaining soil moisture, and so much more.

Mulch provides aesthetic benefits by creating a cohesive look, deterring bugs, and more.

Creating a Cohesive Look to Your Landscape

Mulching creates a cohesive feel throughout your yard; mulches add to the beauty of the landscape by giving a refined and consistent cover of color and texture to the surface of your garden soil.

You can add to the cohesive feel by choosing a mulch color that complements your patio, walkways, and/or potted plants.

Detering Bugs Naturally

There are different types of mulches that you can choose for your landscape beds: organic and inorganic.

Organic mulches are natural substances, such as wood chips. Some organic mulches do attract bugs and insects as they break down, however, cedar and cypress are both organic mulch types that will act as natural bug repellents. Inorganic mulches such as gravel, stones, and pebbles do not decompose, therefore, they do not attract bugs or insects.

Preventing Soil Erosion

Mulch protects soil from erosion even if it doesn't cover the whole landscape bed. Mulch covers the soil's surface, which reduces the impact of rainfall or wind striking the ground and washing your soil away.

Blocking Weed Growth

Mulch inhibits weeds from growing and germinating by blocking the sun. Since mulches provide shade and deprive weeds of light, they deter emerging weeds in the process. This keeps your landscape looking clean and healthy with no mangy weeds!

Shredded bark mulch that has a coarse texture is the best material to keep sunlight from reaching the soil. Stones or gravel also effectively prevent weed growth.

Mulch boosts plant health through soil insulation, moisture retention, and more.

A mulched landscape bed with purple flowers and a decorative boulder in Chesterfield, MI.

Insulating Soil & Roots

Mulch acts as a soil insulator and protects the soil and plant roots from cold or hot temperatures. This is especially important for the Macomb, MI area, as we get both chilly winters and hot summers! Insulated soil will help your plants grow faster and healthier because it is protected from extreme temperatures.

Retaining Soil Moisture

Mulch helps prevent water from evaporating from your soil. In turn, this prevents your soil from drying out and harming your plants. The best mulch for moisture retention includes wood chips or shredded bark. These organic materials can absorb water when it rains and hold down the moisture in the wet soil. During high-heat temperatures, the mulch allows the soil to absorb moisture and soak the ground underneath.

Providing Nutrients to the Soil

Organic mulch improves the quality of your soil, releasing nutrients as it decomposes. These nutrients are then used by your plants to thrive and flourish. The type of mulch you choose determines how quickly it breaks down into your soil. Coarse mulch will take longer to decompose than fine mulch will.

Blocking Weed Growth

Yes, weed growth prevention is a plant health benefit, too! As mentioned above, mulch deprives weeds of light and prevents them from sprouting through your soil. With no weeds to fight off, your plants will be able to thrive and take as much sunlight, nutrients, and water as they need.

Always make sure that your mulch is about 2-3 inches thick to ensure you are getting the most benefits.

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