Weeds can be a real nuisance in Michigan if they take over your landscape beds. That's because they not only take up space that is intended for your plants, but they also will compete with your plants for nutrients. However, there are 3 effective methods that you can use to keep weeds out of your landscape beds. If small weeds are just starting to take over your landscape beds, stopping them through spot spraying with a herbicide is effective.

For larger weeds, hand pulling is necessary to ensure the roots are completely removed so they can't trigger new growth. Another method to prevent weed growth in your landscape beds is to install a rock or mulch ground cover in them. Learn more about how these three methods will keep weeds out of your landscape beds.

1. Spot Spraying With a Herbicide Targets Smaller Weeds

Spot treating dandelion in Macomb, MI.

When controlling weed growth in your landscape beds, it is good to start early. Taking action as soon as you see weeds emerging will keep your landscape plants healthy and happy. An effective way to target smaller weeds is through spot spraying them with herbicides. This method is efficient since the application is targeted and will only kill the small weeds you are targeting, which means your desirable plants won't be harmed. Spot spraying weeds sounds easy, but it can be complicated. To ensure the best results, it's always best to hire a professional to do the job for you.

2. Eliminate larger weeds on your landscape beds by hand pulling them.

Professional hand pulling weeds out of yard in New Baltimore, MI.

Larger weeds are peskier than smaller weeds. They are also more aggressive in competing for nutrients and space from the plants in your landscape beds. Hand pulling these kinds of weeds is more effective than spot spraying them. Full-grown weeds have deeper and more vigorous roots that must be eliminated completely. If not entirely removed, you might be saying hello again to new weed growth in no time.

By hand pulling weeds, you can ensure that the whole root has been pulled out. It's time-consuming, not to mention back-breaking! Consider hiring professionals so you don't have to be out in the sun all day to remove these pesky weeds.

3. Be proactive and use a ground cover like mulch or rock to keep weeds at bay.

Multiple plant beds with mulch freshly installed in Warren, MI.

Prevention is always better than cure. That remains true when you want to keep weeds away from your landscape beds. Installing a ground cover like mulch or rock is one of the most efficient ways to prevent weeds from growing and taking over your landscape beds. But how does it stop weeds from invading your landscape beds? Weeds need sunlight to germinate. An appropriate thickness of mulch or rock ground cover will inhibit sunlight from reaching the ground, which means the weeds are deprived of the first thing they require to grow.

In addition to preventing weed growth, ground coverings can also help with moisture retention, soil erosion, and can protect your plants from fluctuating temperatures.

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