Hello. My name is Chester. I’m the founder of Big Lakes Lawncare and the question being asked is, how late in the season do you mow.

Now, we’re in Macomb Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, and the weather is sort of volatile here. Sometimes it’s snowing on Halloween and sometimes it’s 70 degrees on Thanksgiving. So, this is one that’s a little bit variable.

Now, generally we cut weekly starting in like the first or second week of April and we cut your lawn weekly until November which at which time, we go to every other week. So, essentially there are two lawn mowing services in the month of November and then we clean up your leaves.

We can sign you up for snow or whatever else but the mowing is essentially done by the end of November. There has never been a freak situation where we were mowing in December, but I guess it’s not out of the question. So, basically we just go with the weather.

We do what is best for your lawn and we’re very receptive to people’s requests at this time of year as well. So just give us a call if you have any further questions. Thank you.