Hello. My name is Chester Buczynski. I’m the founder of Big Lakes Lawncare and the question is, why do you mow my lawn in a different direction every week.

The reason we mow your lawn in a different direction every week is to avoid rutting. If we run our mowers the same direction week in and week out across your property, ruts will start to form.

Another thing that happens is the grass starts to lay over and it doesn’t stand up straight for a nice crisp cut. It flattens out because we keep running it over in the same direction. This could happen if you’re mowing your own lawn too. It’s a common problem. A way to avoid it is to change direction every single week when you mow the lawn.

Now, another benefit to us mowing the lawn in a different direction every week is that it gives you that awesome checkerboard pattern that everyone’s going for. This works especially well if you have a side lawn and a Kentucky bluegrass side lawn is probably the best lawn for us to stripe. We’ll make it look like a golf course for you and it comes out just awesome.

So, if you are mowing your own lawn, make sure to change direction every week and that will ensure that you have a beautiful pattern and you avoid forming any ruts. I hope that helps and have a great one.