Yo, what’s up guys?

It’s Chester with Big Lakes Lawncare.

Really quick, I’m going to talk to you about lawn mowing prices.

We cut tons of lawns. That’s our bread and butter, is cutting grass, and we cut hundreds, if not 1000 lawns every week by the time you’re watching this video.

The average price at our company is $29.97.

That means we’ll come in, we’ll edge all the concrete, whip around all the obstacles, we’ll mow the lawn in a different direction every week, we’ll blow it clean when we’re done, we’ll blow off your sills, we’ll blow off the bays around the basement windows and all that stuff at your house. And we’ll leave it looking good. Average lawn is $29.97 per week. That’s for a postage stamp.

You get a little bigger and a little more complex job, you’re looking at $34.97 – $39.97.

Then you’re getting into the bigger stuff, you’re looking at $49.97 for that weekly service. You can start, stop at any time. And frankly, if there’s one thing you want to do to change your life, it sounds silly, but I’m telling you what, pay somebody to cut your grass. Gosh, the amount of free time you reap from that. Like, if you save two hours of your life every week and you pay $29.97, geez. That’s not even counting the cost of the mower and all the extra headache and crap you got to deal with to go out there and push mow that thing. It’s well worth it.

So again, our pricing is just, for us, is just a big math problem, but what it really boils down to for you, and what we talk about at our company all the time, is how can we deliver the absolute best quality, and how can we deliver the absolute best price.

When we can start getting multiple lawns on the same street, we just drive our prices lower and lower. And we’re just trying to give you more and more quality all the time. That’s our focus and so, pricing is scientific. But, really, at the end of the day, we just go, “Hey, let’s make it as low as possible, and let’s make the quality as high as possible.”

That’s, in a nutshell, lawn mowing pricing.

Thanks. Hope you’re having a great, awesome day.

It’s March 8th, 2019, and the birds are chirping. And they’re calling, over at our friends, Southeast Michigan Snowcast, they’re calling for a 70 degree day next Thursday. So, we’ll see how good that guy really is with his predictions.

See ya.