Ensuring your lawn is consistently receiving key nutrients from the soil is an effective way to promote healthy growth. Core aeration is the lawn care service you need to schedule at least once a year to make sure your grass is healthy. Typically, it's done in the fall before the winter season arrives. However, if you forgot to schedule it in the fall, don't worry. You can still schedule core aeration in the spring and experience the same benefits that fall aeration provides. Keep reading to find out more about how spring core aeration helps your grass.

Core Aeration Can Be Performed in the Fall & Spring

Core aeration is the process of poking tiny holes in the soil. As simple as the process may sound, aerating your lawn plays an essential role in ensuring your grass is healthy and thriving. That is because this process will loosen up the soil and allow crucial nutrients, water, air, and sunlight to reach the roots of your turf. Giving the roots of your grass access to these resources promotes healthy grass growth and vigorous root development.

It is always recommended to core aerate your cool-season lawn in the fall. But if you forgot to schedule it in the fall, don't fret! You can still schedule it in the spring. While most companies suggest fall core aeration, April is still a good time to aerate your lawn because the new growing season will allow your grass to bounce back from the process.

The soil plugs from core aeration are best left on the ground as they will eventually decompose and release nutrients back into the soil.

What does spring core aeration do to your lawn?

For cool-season lawns, spring is the time of growth. That is why aerating your lawn during this season is a good idea since it will help revitalize your grass after the winter. Your grass needs all the resources and nutrients it can gather in the spring while it comes out of winter dormancy. By aerating your lawn in the spring, you give your turf's roots better access to essential nutrients, water, air, and sunlight. Providing these vital resources will give your grass the boost it needs to start growing and flourishing again.

Spring core aeration will also:

  • Allow for more robust root development
  • Reduce soil compaction
  • Decrease thatch build-up
  • Improve water drainage
  • Allow for better fertilizer absorption

Why do you need to core aerate your turf at least once every year?

An infographic about core aeration and its benefits.

Typically, performing core aeration once a year is sufficient. With heavy foot traffic combined with heavy precipitation in the fall and winter, the soil in your yard will get compacted over time. Soil compaction will inhibit the much-needed resources from reaching the roots of your grass, which is why core aerating your turf at least once every year is recommended.

However, you can also opt to aerate your lawn twice a year if you want to ensure it has consistent access to crucial nutrients and resources. Scheduling a core aeration service in the spring and fall every year will do wonders for your grass, especially if you use it often or the soil type on your property gets compacted easily.

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