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Professional clearing walkway from residential home in Macomb, MI.

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Let us clear snow and ice off your residential property.

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Residential Snow Removal & Ice Management in & Around Macomb, MI

We clear your driveway, walkways, and sidewalks of snow and ice.

Once wintry weather starts rolling in, you know it's time to break out the shovels to clear your driveway and walkways of snow. Removing your own snow is time-consuming, not to mention it could cause injuries. Enrolling in a professional snow removal and deicing service will keep you safe and warm indoors while your property is cleared of snow and ice! It is vital to ensure that you have a reliable provider like our company to handle your snow removal and deicing needs so that your residential property is always cleared and ready to go without you having to lift a finger.

At Big Lakes Lawncare, we offer various types of contracts and will come out to your property on a schedule that is based on your preferences. The snow removal equipment that we use is meant to keep your property safe from any scratches or scrapes, while our ice management service will keep the high-traffic areas on your property free of any slippery conditions. Our company offers our snow removal and ice management services to residential properties in the Macomb, MI area, including Shelby and Chesterfield.

We Provide Our Snow & Ice Removal Services on Your Schedule

You are in control when it comes to choosing how often our crews visit your property to remove snow and ice. We offer a range of tolerances and trigger heights that you can choose from. Whether you prefer to have little to no snow on your driveway, walkways, and sidewalks or you'd rather let the snow accumulate a few inches before our crew dispatches, we can work with you!

Looking for commercial snow removal and ice management services? We can help!

Our ice management service melts ice and prevents it from re-forming.

Removing snow is only half the battle. We want to make sure your property is safe to walk and drive on. That's why we also include deicing services with our residential snow removal service. After we have plowed away the snow, we will apply a de-icing treatment. Our crews use salt and liquid deicing treatments, but we also offer calcium chloride as an option. This deicing treatment will melt the ice that is currently coating your driveway, walkways, and sidewalks, and it will also prevent any more ice from forming. That way, you can walk and drive on your property safely without being unpleasantly surprised by slippery ice.

We Use Proper Equipment for Removing Snow to Avoid Causing Any Damage to Your Property

Steps from a home being cleared of ice and snow in Macomb, MI.

Our snow removal and ice management services are efficient; however, we never sacrifice quality. We'll always make sure that our equipment has the right protective gear to ensure that we never risk damaging your property. You can be sure that your driveway, walkways, and sidewalks will never be left with scratches or scrapes due to our equipment. We treat every property as if it is our own!

Looking for reliable snow and ice removal services for your residential property? Call to be added to our schedule.

Do not wait until winter weather starts to call us about snow and ice removal services—our schedule will fill up quickly. We offer reliable deicing and snow removal for residential properties in and around Macomb, Shelby, and Chesterfield, MI. Call us today at (586) 200-0855 for an estimate!

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