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Snow Removal Service


Big Lakes Lawncare in Macomb County, Michigan provides a prompt, professional, and safety-oriented Snow Removal Service.



Like all services provided by Big Lakes Lawncare, Snow Removal Services are provided by trained and insured professionals.

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Our phone lines are open 24/7, even in the middle of a snowstorm. Give us a call at (586) 804-5154


Although multiple visits can be scheduled, we ordinarily do a one-time visit once all the leaves are down. Depending on the size of the property, we use between 2 to 6 crew members to complete the job in an efficient and timely manner.

2 to 3 crew members may be onsite to ensure efficient and effective snow removal from your property. .

Our equipment consists of Western plows, Snow-Ex plows, and various snowblowers.

You Deserve Professional Snow Removal Services And a Powerful Guarantee to MAKE DECISIONS RISK-FREE

Things To Consider When Hiring a Company To Do Your Snow Removal

Budgeting for Snow Removal Services can be confusing and varied with other companies.


For everyone’s protection, we have insurance coverage of 2 million dollars in general liability, worker’s compensation, and all necessary truck insurance. We have EVERYTHING covered here.

Walkways and driveways will be safe and thoroughly free of snow and ice within a reasonable time-frame. Our quality service will assure that you have made the right choice in choosing Big Lakes Lawncare.


Are premium ice melt products being used?
Is the company available by phone during the storm?
Do they guarantee a window of service to ensure promptness?
Big Lakes Lawncare promises to provide all this and more.


If you have any issues with our snow removal service, just give us a call, and we will make it right.

How Our Scheduling Works

If it’s snowing, we’re working. We provide snow removal service on all major holidays, including New Year’s and Christmas, and our service is very prompt.

Steps To Signing Up For Snow Removal Service

Big Lakes Lawncare’s signup process begins with your location and online property measurement.

An on-the-phone estimate will be provided within minutes, followed by the collection of necessary contact and payment information. Service will then commence on the confirmed start date.

Call Us 24/7

We’re available 24/7 by phone to answer your questions and attend to your concerns give us a call at (586) 804-5154

Big Lakes Lawncare is a local outdoor maintenance company in Macomb County, Michigan. We take pride in our customer service and know that our client satisfaction is what brings us our continued success.

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Big Lakes Snow Removal FAQ

What you should look for in a snow plowing contract

What you should look for in a snow plowing contract

What's up, everyone? I just got a quick tip for you. This video is especially helpful for property managers, facility managers, business owners, purchasing agents. If you're getting a snow plowing contract, you better make sure that they guarantee repairing any sod...

We Guarantee Our Plowing Services

We Guarantee Our Plowing Services

Hey guys, it's Chester with Big Lake Lawncare. Real quick I want to let you know, that if you sign up for our plowing services, and any of your sod is damaged or a sprinkler head gets broken, In the act of us plowing or snow blowing your property - We come back in the...

Big Lakes Lawn Care has the best reviews in the county!

See why our clients recommend us to their neighbors for our professional snow removal and professional, guaranteed services.


Last year was my first summer in my house and the yard was a disaster! Chester and his crew have worked hard this summer to make it something I can be proud of now. The workers are very courteous and always show up on my scheduled day. When I do have questions or requests, Chester answers when I call, or promptly returns the call. I would highly recommend Big Lakes for all your lawn care needs.
Anne Porter


Big Lakes Lawncare provides a quality and professional service. Great turn around times and excellent customer service. I wouldnt call anyone else for my lawn care needs.
Jonas Olson


These guys know their stuff and the owner Chester is top notch. They really invest into their company and want the best for their customers! Cory Bettinghouse

Areas We Serve

Big Lakes Lawncare LLC provides more than just weekly lawn maintenance and continually improve our business with the goal of providing reliable, unsurpassed service to our customers.

We proudly serve homeowners in Richmond, Chesterfield, Sterling Heights, Macomb Township, Warren, Shelby, New Baltimore, Saint Clair Shore & some outlying areas.

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