What’s up, everyone? I just got a quick tip for you.

This video is especially helpful for property managers, facility managers, business owners, purchasing agents.

If you’re getting a snow plowing contract, you better make sure that they guarantee repairing any sod damage in the spring.

I just got a call from a lead up in Auburn Hills, and he said his sod’s all torn up from his plowing company and he’s looking for a bid. That should be included in the contract.

I’ll tell you what, and it is an inevitable byproduct of plowing snow. There’s going to be a little bit of damage to sod and to planting areas, it just happens. But this plow company should fix it, for sure. All our contracts offer that. We guarantee it. And every spring, we buy a couple pallets of sod and we go around and dial everything in and fix it. So make sure, if you’re looking at that, and this is for residential, too.

If you’re looking to have somebody clear your snow, make sure they guarantee to repair your sod in the spring. That should be a baseline requirement for any snow contract.