Lawn mowing tips.

Everybody loves them, and we’re all thinking about our lawns right now. Maybe, maybe not.

There are 40 million acres of lawn in the US, you wanna know the single most irrigated crop in the United States?

Corn, soy beans, wheat?

Nope! Its lawns.

Single biggest irrigated crop in the US is lawns.

People love them.

People also spend an average of 70 hours per year mowing their lawns and an average of 20 hours per year maintaining their lawn mower, sharpening the blade, getting fuel, doing whatever it is that’s required, to mow your own lawn.

So 90 hours a year.

So after 10 years you’ve spent 900 hours. After 40 years you’ve spent 3600 hours. What’s 3600 divided by 24? I don’t know but that’s a lot of days.

So if you’re gonna do it, you might as well do it right. Here is a few quick tips about mowing your lawn. I always do that, here’s a few quip ticks about mowing your lawn, okay?

Number one, alternate the direction or the pattern that you’re mowing every week.

You need to do this, otherwise you’re gonna start leaving ruts and you’re gonna train your lawn to lay over in one boring direction every week. So please alternate it. There’s four basic patterns. Left to right diagonal, right to left diagonal, up and down and across. Alternate the lines please.

Sharpen the blades.

Tip number two, if you don’t have a sharp lawn mower blade, you’re doing yourself a major disservice because you’re not truly cutting the grass, you’re whipping the tops of the grass off and you’re leaving raggedy edges which then turn yellow because it’s damaged and then your lawn looks goofy. Sharpen the blade, take it off, use a bench grinder or better yet, an actual lawn mower blade sharpening machine like we use and sharpen your blade. It’s important to have a sharp blade when you’re cutting grass.

Tip number three about cutting your own lawn is, please cut it the proper length.

Three and a half to four inches in the lawn growing season of spring because any shorter you’re gonna be having clumps and it’s growing so dang fast you can barley keep up. Maybe even cut it twice a week, but cut it the right length. Three in a half to four inches in the spring. Three in a half to four inches in the summer. If you start cutting your lawn nice and short and tight so it looks real sweet in July and August, pretty soon you’re gonna starve the root system and it’s gonna turn yellow because you cut it so dang short. So don’t do that, leave it nice and long in the summer. Long and lush. You’ll have a green lawn even when it’s 100 degrees in July, ’cause you cut it a little longer. Then in the fall, you start to drop that blade. Three, three in a half inches. Scalp it down a little bit, tighten things up. The lawn goes through a growth phase again in the fall, so you wanna cut it a little shorter. Keep it tight, keep it well maintained.

Or you can just hire it out.

Get those 70 hours back.

That’s entirely up to you.

I hope you’re having a great day.

Stay warm.

Have us mow your lawn whenever it needs it