With the end of 2021 quickly approaching, it is time for property owners everywhere to make their New Year's resolution to keep their lawns as healthy as possible. This can be achieved by adding four key treatments to your lawn care regiment: fertilization, weed control, aeration, and overseeding. Regular fertilization will ensure your lawn receives a steady supply of nutrients throughout the year. Taking control of your weeds will ensure that your grass does not have to compete with weeds for nutrients. Properly aerating your lawn will encourage your grass to heal from the hot summer months. Overseeding directly after aerating your turf will give you a dense, lush lawn and it will fill in any bare or patchy areas of your grass.

Fertilization will replenish the nutrients your grass needs to thrive.

Employee with glove spraying liquid fertilizer onto grass in Macomb, MI.

Fertilization is one of the most advantageous lawn care treatments. All lawns can benefit from regular fertilization because it helps to replenish the nutrients your grass is deficient in. The key to fertilization, however, is to do at strategic times of the year. You should be fertilizing your lawn at the beginning and end of the spring, summer, and fall seasons. Following a specific fertilization schedule allows you to supply your lawn with essential nutrients consistently throughout the year.

Controlling the weeds in your lawn is important for the health of your grass.

Getting rid of weeds in your lawn will ensure that your grass does not have to compete with them for essential nutrients. Without weed control, your weeds could overtake your yard and absorb a lot of the essential nutrients that could be going to your grass. For the best results, you'll want to schedule weed control treatments that consist of pre-emergent weed control to prevent weeds from growing in the first place, as well as post-emergent treatments to get rid of any existing weeds.

Most lawn care companies offer fertilization and weed control as part of the same package.

Proper aeration will help your grass heal from the summer heat.

Soil plugs on lawn after core aeration in Clinton Township, MI.

Cool-season grass is the most common grass type in Michigan. The lawns in this area significantly benefit from aeration in the fall as it allows your grass to recover from the hot summer weather while also loosening the soil that has likely become compacted over the summer due to heavier than normal foot traffic and lawn mower usage.

Overseeding will fill in any bare spots in your grass.

Because aerating your lawn involves removing small plugs of soil from your lawn for better absorption of nutrients, that is the best time to overseed as well. The tiny holes that are cut into your lawn for aeration allow water, air, and nutrients to circulate more effectively; this means that if you plant more grass seeds now, there is a much better chance for your grass to grow back fuller and healthier after the following winter. Also, the grass seeds will fall into the holes that were created by aeration, allowing better seed-to-soil contact and increasing the chances of successful growth. For these reasons, overseeding right after aerating is the key to filling in any bare spots and bringing your grass back even healthier than before.

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