Hello. Chester Buczynski here with Big Lakes Lawncare. The question is why do you have GPS tracking units in all of your trucks.

So, we have a GPS tracking unit in every single one of our company trucks and there are a few reasons why. The first and foremost reason is for security purposes. We know where all our trucks are at all times. We know when they get to your property and how long they stay there. We know when they leave and we know which members of our company were servicing the property that day.

Another benefit is that we keep this information essentially forever. So, if you were to ask us who was at my property, Tuesday April 24th two years ago, we could pull the GPS data. We can tell you who is there. We can tell you what time of day they got there, what time of day they left, the names of the individuals that were at the property and any other pertinent information that you may be wondering. We track this stuff and we keep it forever.

Another benefit of having GPS units in our trucks is that it protects you from liability issues during the winter months. Now, this is primarily for our commercial clients but what we can do is during a storm, we can tell you when the crew was there at your property handling the snow and ice. We can tell you how much product we put down, what type of product we put down and we can guarantee that site conditions were adequate at that time of the visit. So, this protects your liability in the event of a slip and fall claim or any other issues you may have during those treacherous Michigan winter storms.

The third and final benefit of the GPS tracking units in our company equipment is because it protects us if anything is to get stolen. Now, we’ve never had a truck stolen before but if we do have a truck or any equipment stolen, it’s going to be a bad day for the guy who took it because we know exactly where the truck is. We can track it down to within 20 meters and we’ll be able to recover it very quickly. So, I hope that answers your question and have a great one.