What’s up, everyone? It’s Chester here with Big Leagues Lawn Care.

Just wanted to show you this plant really quick.

This is the same plant from the spring.

It’s called a forsythia, and these things are gorgeous and bright yellow when they bloom.

When they’re dormant, the other 50 weeks out of the year, they just look kind of scrubby, like a big old unruly bush, but these are gorgeous.

When these things do bloom, that means it’s spring.

They probably won’t bloom til April, and you can see here that they form their buds, they’ve already formed their buds.

They form their buds right after they bloom, so you don’t wanna trim these things now.

If you trim them before they bloom, they won’t bloom, because you’d be cutting all the old buds off, or all the new buds off, sorry, but as soon as they’re done blooming for the year, that’s when you trim your forsythia.