Any property owner would be excited to lay the groundwork for a better, healthier, more beautiful lawn. Laying sod is a great way to do that. But, before you get too excited, make sure you are planning on laying your sod at the time of the year that will allow for optimum grass root establishment and growth. The best time of year to lay sod in Michigan is in the fall and the second best time is in the spring. No matter what you do, never lay sod in the summer!

Why should you lay sod in the fall time?

The best time of year to lay sod is in the early or mid-fall time. This is primarily because the weather and soil conditions in the fall promote optimum grass root establishment and growth. During the fall, the temperatures have cooled down from the summer highs so there is little chance that the sod you lay will dry out before it takes root. Also, it gives your newly laid sod plenty of time to grow before the ground is expected to freeze. As soon as the ground freezes, your sod's root development will freeze as well. You have a fairly short time bracket allotted to successfully plant your sod in the fall, but it will be worth it because fall weather is the ideal environment for sod to establish and begin growing. Save your time and money and plan to lay your sod early in the fall.

Plan to give your newly laid sod at least 4 to 6 weeks to take root and grow before the ground freezes.

Why should you lay sod in the springtime?

Roll of sod ready to be unrolled by professional near Romeo, MI.

Besides fall, springtime is the next best time of the year to lay sod in Michigan. Just like fall, the cool weather and soil conditions in the springtime are prime for successful grass root establishment and growth. However, because temperatures tend to be a tad bit warmer in the spring than in the fall, this gives your newly laid grass a slightly bigger risk of drying out before taking root. Similarly to fall, you have a short period of time when you should plant your sod; you need to lay your sod as early in the spring as possible because if the summer heat hits and your sod has not successfully taken root yet, it could dry out.

Why shouldn't you lay sod in the summertime?

No matter when you plan to lay your sod, never lay it in the summertime! It is already hard enough for your current grass to withstand the summer heat; it is even more difficult for grass roots that aren't established yet to survive the rough weather. In fact, more sod is lost to heat stress in the summer than to the ground freezing in the winter. When temperatures start reaching 90 degrees Fahrenheit and hotter, your grass dehydrates and could potentially be damaged or die; this is the same for newly laid sod. Give your sod a better chance at thriving by laying it in the spring or fall, not in the summer.

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While planning new landscaping can be exciting, property owners need to know when to lay their sod so it establishes successfully. Plan to lay your sod in early fall or spring because those are the times of the year when conditions are favorable for the roots of your new grass. Call our lawn care professionals at Big Lakes Lawncare to schedule our sod installation service. We have been happily serving property owners in Macomb, Chesterfield, Shelby, and the surrounding areas of Michigan since 2014. Call us at (586) 200-0855 for a consultation today!