Fertilization treatments for your lawn are extremely beneficial to keep them healthy. However, fertilizers can be toxic to your pets, and we know they are part of your family and you want to keep them healthy as well. If your turf is regularly receiving fertilization treatments, your pets need to stay away from your lawn for a specific amount of time to ensure they won't consume the chemicals.

The time window depends on the type of fertilizer your lawn is receiving. Liquid and granular fertilizers require different waiting times before you let your pets out, but we recommend talking to your lawn care provider as they can tell you exactly when your turf is safe for your pets again. Learn more about when you can let your pets play on the lawn again after a fertilization treatment!

Wait until liquid fertilizer dries before letting your pets use your lawn again.

Liquid fertilizer being sprayed over lawn in Macomb, MI.

Liquid fertilizers are given to your lawn by spraying it to cover as much area as possible. Because of this, almost every part of your lawn is wet after a treatment. It's best to wait until the product has completely dried before you let your pets play and roll around your yard again. This process usually takes about 1 to 2 hours, so it's not exactly a long waiting game!

There's no absolute rule when determining how long after a liquid fertilization treatment until you can let your pets use your lawn again. However, ensuring that the lawn is visibly dry can indicate that it has absorbed the product already.

If your lawn is receiving granular fertilizers, it needs to be watered in first.

Granular fertilizers are different. These types of fertilizers are spread on your lawn as tiny pellets and will need to be watered in to allow your soil to absorb them. After watering in the fertilizer, it's best practice to wait about one day before letting your pet use the treated areas of your lawn. This way, your lawn can maximize the nutrients from the fertilizer while preventing your pets from accidentally eating the granules.

Your lawn care provider can tell you exactly when your pets can enjoy your grass again.

Dog catching ball mid air on dried treated lawn in Chesterfield, MI.

Your fertilization program might jump between using liquid and granular fertilizers depending on the needs of your lawn and the time of the year. This means there are different time windows on how long you need to wait before letting your pets play around your yard again. We recommend talking to your lawn care provider because they can tell you exactly when it will be safe for your pets to use your yard again like normal. Waiting for the right time after a fertilization treatment to let your pets out again to enjoy the grass will help you prevent looking at costly veterinarian bills because they have been intoxicated with fertilizers.

Some lawn care providers apply herbicides along with fertilizers, so make sure you communicate with your pros to keep your pets safe!

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