Soil is the foundational bedding for all lawns. Its job is to support the roots of your turf with nutrients and to sustain healthy grass growth in your lawn. You can tell that your soil is in good condition if your grass appears vibrant and green.

Soil comes in several different types: sandy, clay, loam, and silt. When you're caring for your grass according to what soil lies underneath, you will be able to prevent the worry of your turf dying from unnecessary diseases and drought. Healthy soil prevents these issues and allows nutrients like water, sunlight, and fertilizer to seep into the roots and keep your grass in tip-top shape. Having a healthy lawn is cultivated with an understanding of your soil's pH, aeration needs, and fertilization requirements. With a working knowledge of these factors, you will be equipped to care for your soil and lawn better than before.

What is soil?

Soil is a mixture of organic matter from the earth. It is made from minerals, air, water, and even living and decaying organisms. When soil is healthy, it is jam-packed with nutrients. Soil is the bedding that grass and plants grow out of, so it's important for you to properly care for your soil in order for your turf to flourish.

What types of soil are there?

Soil types in the US are put into 4 categories: sandy, clay, loam, and silt. Michigan has diverse soil make-ups and in our area, you can expect to find clay and sandy loam. These soils are naturally occurring and they provide some great benefits:

  • Clay soil absorbs water slowly but its retention rate is awesome for your turf. This type of soil is very dense so it will absorb water best when applied slowly over longer watering periods rather than the other way around.
  • Sandy loam has the right mix of absorbency and density to hold nutrients. It also drains water efficiently.

How do you keep your soil healthy?

Testing soil fertility and pH balance near Chesterfield, MI.

Healthy soil means healthy grass and there are several ways that you can spot-check your soil to improve or sustain the quality of your lawn. There are also ways that a lawn care company can improve your grass with its services. You can keep your soil healthy by doing the following:

  • Soil testing monitors how fertile your soil is. It lets you examine the properties of a section of your soil by using soil testing kits to determine things like nutrient density and other factors that keep soil healthy.
  • pH balancing consists of digging up a soil sample and testing your soil's pH with a pH testing kit. Knowing the pH of your soil can help you decide how you need to switch up your lawn care routine to support the soil you have.
  • Aeration services promote better pathways for nutrients to flow to the roots of your turf. Our company performs aeration services by using an aerator machine to poke tiny holes in your grass, loosening up the compact soil underneath.
  • Fertilizers that work well within your soil are essential to having a healthy lawn. Companies like ours that offer fertilization can help set your grass up for success with specialty fertilization treatments.

Scheduling these lawn care services regularly will give your soil and grass long-term health.

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