Having minor drainage issues on your property may not seem like a huge concern. However, the longer you leave them untouched, minor drainage issues can turn into major ones that cost a lot of money to fix. The rainy season here in Michigan can cause drainage issues to worsen even faster. If you notice problems with water drainage on your property,there are three things you need to do; first, identify the location of the problem. Once you know where the drainage issue is coming from, you can consider your options. Finally, you need to call your local lawn and landscaping professionals to help you solve the problem.

The location of the drainage issue will help to determine the solution.

Downspout drainage added to home in Rochester Hills, MI.

The location of your drainage issue will often help you determine the most effective way to solve it. For example, if water is collecting near the foundation of your home, you may simply need an extended downspout to fix it. If water is collecting in random areas throughout your property, you may require a more extensive solution, such as a French drain or dry creek bed. By figuring out where the drainage issue is coming from, you can begin considering what your property needs in order to redirect the improperly drained water.

Drainage issues can even cause structural damage to your foundation or flooding in your home!

Once you've found the problem area, consider your options.

Dry creek bed drainage installed for home in Chesterfield, MI.

When it comes to solving drainage problems on your property, you will have many different options to consider. Here are a few of them:

  • Extended downspout: An extended downspout is a piece of piping that gets attached to your current downspout. The downspout extension holds its shape but is flexible enough that you can twist and turn it in different directions. That way, you can take any water runoff that would come through your downspout and channel it away from a problem drainage area.
  • French drain: A French drain is a man-made trench containing a pipe that redirects rainwater and groundwater away from a problem area. This system allows water to drain from a higher area on your property to a lower area. The trench is often filled with gravel or rock to make it more aesthetically pleasing.
  • Dry creek bed: A dry creek bed is a man-made trench that is usually lined with stones and edged with plants. It will be dry most of the time, but whenever it rains, your dry creek bed will function as a miniature creek.
  • Catch basin: A catch basin is a large drain designed to catch surface runoff water and lead it to downspout drains or storm sewers. They are usually placed in low areas of your yard.

Whatever you do, don't try to fix the drainage issue yourself!

If you discover drainage issues on your property, the worst thing you can do is try to solve them yourself. Drainage issues are serious and need to be taken care of professionally before they cause bigger, more expensive problems. Trying to solve the problem on your own might even end up costing you more money in the long run. Do yourself a favor and call your local landscaping professionals to help you fix your drainage issues; that way, you will solve the problem quicker and more effectively.

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