When you're scheduling fertilization for your lawn and landscape beds, don't forget about your trees and shrubs! In Michigan, our landscapes commonly feature azaleas, cotoneasters, maple trees, dogwoods, and other trees that could use some extra TLC. One of the best methods to accomplish this is deep root fertilization, which is a fertilizer injection that will deliver a blend of essential nutrients straight to the roots of your landscaping plants. From there, the nutrients travel up the tree or shrub to nourish every part of the plant. The benefit of this method of fertilization is that because the nutrients are injected directly into the tree's foundation, it has a high nutrient uptake, promoting thick, healthy growth. Deep root fertilization is the perfect remedy for an underperforming tree or shrub so that it can become the star of your landscape!

Deep root fertilization injects nutrients into the soil around your tree or shrub's root system.

Professional injecting tree with fertilizer in New Baltimore, MI.

Deep root fertilization is a method of fertilizing trees and shrubs that takes out the middleman, so to speak. With a surface fertilizer, the nutrients are spread across the top of the soil and break down or absorb into the soil over time, eventually reaching surface roots. With the deep root fertilization method, nutrients are injected into the soil around your landscaping plant, skipping past the surface level and giving them the shortest distance to the deep roots that need it the most. Since the fertilizer is being applied right into the roots, this reduces the possibility that the nutrients are absorbed by other unintended plants, are washed away, or blown away by the wind, and results in excellent nutrient uptake from your trees and shrubs!

Large trees and shrubs have root systems that can extend twice as far as the branches you see above ground.

The nutrients from deep root fertilization are absorbed and travel upwards to nourish every part of the plant.

Since deep root fertilization will feed your trees and shrubs from the foundation, no part of the plant will miss out on the fun. The landscaping plant's entire root system can absorb the nutrients! Your tree or shrub will take in the essential nutrients at its deep roots and move them through the rest of the plant, traveling upwards and nourishing every part.

The deep root fertilization method will promote thick growth and bolster the health of your trees and shrubs.

There are many benefits to deep root fertilization for your trees and shrubs! While surface fertilization can certainly help a plant, deep root fertilization is unique in that it offers excellent nutrient uptake and optimal nourishment due to its direct root delivery system. Because of the straightforward process, this method of fertilization will be highly effective in promoting thick growth and improving the health of your trees and shrubs. And since the injection will break up the soil, direct root fertilization also helps reduce soil compaction, making future fertilization treatments more effective!

With proper nutrition from deep root fertilization, your landscaping plants will be bolstered against health threats like disease or pest infestations!

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