As spring moves into summer, the blooms on your spring flowering plants and shrubs will begin to die off and fall to the ground. When this happens, it means it is time to get them trimmed. Waiting too long can be disastrous for their health.

Learn why you should trim spring blooming plants by the end of June in areas such as Macomb, Shelby, Chesterfield, and neighboring communities in Michigan.

Six Common Spring Flowering Plants in Our Area

Viburnum flowers in bloom near Macomb, MI.

When buds begin to emerge and bloom, it is a sign that spring has arrived. These beautiful flowering plants bring color and lovely smells to our landscape beds. Six common plants you may see blooming in spring include:

  1. Forsythia: This shrub blooms in early spring and boasts bright yellow flowers. Once the flowers die off, they give way to green foliage.
  2. Alder: Alder bushes also have yellow flowers, but their leaves first turn green in the summer and then yellow with a bit of red in fall.
  3. Chokeberry: Chokeberry's spring flowers are white. It has shiny green leaves in summer and crimson red leaves in the fall.
  4. Prickly Ash: Another shrub with yellow flowers, prickly ash is often used as a barrier in landscaping.
  5. Spicebush: The flowers and stems of the spicebush give off an aroma similar to allspice.
  6. Viburnum: Viburnum bushes bloom with beautiful white flowers in the spring.

Why These Plants Must Be Trimmed by the End of June

Trimming plants is a very important part of their care, so it is vital that these flowering shrubs are trimmed by the end of June once they are done blooming for the year. This initial trim will shape their growth for the rest of the growing season and will help keep them healthy. You want your landscape beds to have the most curb appeal possible, and without trimming, the bushes will grow haphazardly with lots of overgrowth and will not look very good. A trim will also allow our plant care professionals to examine the shrubs for any potential signs of plant disease or insect infestations.

At this time, it may also be required to do some pruning of these plants. Selective pruning is done to remove any branches that may be dead or dying. Those branches drain resources and nutrients from the healthy part of the plant, and removing them is necessary to the plant or shrub's health. Cutting back the plants at this time will also bring you more fuller, vibrant blooms in the next year.

We recommend trimming plants 2-3 times a year, or every six weeks if you want a more manicured look to your property.

Do your spring blooming plants need a trim before the end of June? Call us now to schedule a visit!

If you have spring blooming plants on your property and they need a trim, then right now is the time to schedule that. At Big Lakes Lawncare, we provide trimming and pruning services throughout Macomb, Shelby, Chesterfield, and nearby areas of Michigan. Call (586) 200-0855 before the end of June so we can visit your property and take care of your shrubs for you.