Spring is an important time of the year when it comes to your lawn. That's because this is the time that your lawn will be coming out of its winter dormancy. It's important to not skip out on the key lawn maintenance and care tasks that will prepare your lawn for the growing season that generally starts around April here in Michigan. Performing a debris cleanup will prevent your grass from being smothered and deter insects and disease from settling in the clutter. The first mow of the season will set the tone for the growing season and get rid of any dead tips from the winter. Cutting back any perennial plants that need it in spring will give you a fresh start and jumpstart their growth as the weather warms. These tasks will establish a clean slate for your lawn and landscape and set you up for success!

1. Winter Debris Covers up Your Grass & Poses a Threat to Its Health

Big Lakes lawn care professional removing leaves from client's yard near New Baltimore, MI.

All winter long, debris like fallen leaves, twigs, and branches will gather and cover your lawn or collect in piles. While this clutter may seem unassuming, it can be the instigator of several long-term headaches. Since it blocks sunlight and nutrients from reaching your grass, it can cause smothering and stress and lead to potential undernourishment. Additionally, the decaying organic matter can attract insects and lawn disease. Insects love to nest anywhere that gives them protection from predators, and they can also eat the leaves as sustenance. Many lawn diseases thrive in dark, damp areas, which is the environment created by debris covering grass. These threats are some of the last, but largest, challenges that winter will be sending your way, but cleaning up the debris promptly will enable you to dodge these bullets and will help you maintain a healthy lawn.

2. The First Mow of the Season Sets the Tone for Your Lawn’s Growth

Big Lakes lawn mower sits next to a freshly cut lawn near Chesterfield, MI.

Nothing sets the tone for the growing season as much as the first mow of the season. Your initial mow doesn't have to be a huge chop, and often shouldn't be to avoid shocking your grass – think of it as getting the wheels turning. It will cut off any dead tips of the grass blades that may have accumulated over winter, ensuring that what's left of the grass blades is healthy and ready to grow. You'll want to stick to the 1/3 rule of mowing, which is to never cut more than 1/3 of the total height off the top of your grass blades. This prevents your mow from accidentally scalping the lawn, which can cause undue stress and injury to the lawn.

3. Many Perennials Thrive When You Cut Them Back in the Spring

White perennial daisies near Macomb, MI.

Depending on what perennials you have present in your landscape, you may need to incorporate routine spring pruning. While some perennials will thrive more with pruning in fall, some prefer being cut back in spring. Perennials like mums, Russian sages, sunflowers, daisies, lavender, and more will prefer a spring cutting to jumpstart their new growth as the weather warms. Getting the timing right on these perennials that need spring pruning will result in their increased overall health.

Perennials will need to be cut back once a year as part of their normal care routine to rid them of old foliage and make room for new growth and flowers.

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