Keeping a healthy and vibrant lawn is no easy task. You will need to ensure that it receives proper care throughout the year in order to flourish. Two services that pair perfectly together to help create beautiful and healthy lawns are fertilization treatments and weed control. Fertilizers provide your lawn with macronutrients that help it grow green and develop a robust root system. Meanwhile, weed control supports your turf by keeping weeds at bay. Keep reading to learn more about fertilizers and weed control and why your lawn needs both.

Lawn fertilizer will feed your grass essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

Fertilization is a primary aspect of lawn care that no property owner should neglect. Think of fertilizers as food for your grass as they provide essential nutrients that nourish your turf and the soil. Routine fertilization ensures strong grass and root growth. Primarily, fertilizers provide these three nutrients to your grass:

  • Nitrogen - This nutrient is essential in producing chlorophyll, the pigment that makes your grass grow green.
  • Phosphorus - Robust root development is crucial in ensuring a healthy turf, and phosphorus is the nutrient responsible for strengthening the roots of the grass. It is also responsible for storing energy.
  • Potassium - This nutrient contributes to improving your turf's disease resistance. It also helps to protect your grass from cold or hot weather and prevent it from wilting.

What is weed control, and why does your lawn need it?

Weed control being sprayed onto dandelion in Macomb, MI.

Weed control is the process of eliminating weeds from your lawn. This is important because weeds are not only an eyesore, but they also compete with your grass for sunlight, water, and essential nutrients. If your lawn is filled with weeds, then your grass will not be able to receive the nutrients that it needs to thrive. There are two main ways to go about weed control - pre-emergent treatments and post-emergent treatments.

Pre-emergent treatments consist of spraying herbicides on your lawn before weeds ever sprout. This spray essentially forms a barrier on your lawn that blocks weeds seeds that are in your soil from breaking through to the surface. Post-emergent treatments involve spraying a herbicide directly on existing weeds that have already sprouted to kill them.

Weed control treatments need to be administered multiple times throughout the year to keep weeds at bay.

How Fertilizer & Weed Control Work Together to Give You the Lawn of Your Dreams

To ensure that your lawn stays healthy and attractive throughout the year, you'll want to schedule both of these services. That's because if you only schedule a fertilizer treatment, you're lawn will receive nutrients, but it will do nothing to take care of the weeds. And if you only schedule weed control, you'll have a weed-free yard, but it will do nothing to improve the health of your grass.

By scheduling both of these treatments throughout the year, you'll give your lawn the best chance to remain healthy and vibrant.

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