Since I’m on the Shrub Trimming Tangent, the STT. Shrub, Trimming, Tangent, I’m gonna tell you one more thing about trim, trim and shrubs.

Or rather, I’ll give you a few tips, It might be three plus or minus one tip that I will be providing in today’s video.

When you trim the shrubs, if it’s a hedgerow, it’s long and flat, boxed edges like a hedge, tie a string, that provides a guide for you to keep it level because as you trim shrubs, your arms get tired and start drooping, and you start the shrub like this, and by the end of it, you’re going like this. And then you’re like, man, I just trim that baby, you stand back and look at it, and it looks like a little kid’s slide or something similar to that. So tie a string, you pound a stick in here, pound a stick in here, measure up from the ground three feet or however tall you want the shrub be and tie a string across the two sticks and now just follow the guide color and between the lines. That’s how you trim shrubs. It doesn’t matter really for smaller hedgerows, but if you’re on a big dog, if it’s a big property with a big old hedgerow and you want to look premier, you need to put a stick in the ground and tie string to it. That’s what we do.


If you trim your shrubs once a year, they’re going to turn into a big ugly bush, they’re not gonna fill in and become hedges. It’s just going to be like a big goofy looking bush that you hack down once a year. It’s gonna look like that thing. See that one? It’s gonna look like that, he didn’t get trimmed. So you trim them more often, every six weeks, once a month, through the growing season maybe, tighten them up, just go over real quick, it won’t take long and that’s the way you can preserve your investment. Very important that you do that.

Let’s look at tip number three since I forgot my script.


Certain shrubs, if you know anything about horticulture, you’ll know, certain shrubs, grow blooms and bloom at different times a year. And if you cut your shrubs at the wrong time of year, you can risk chopping all the blooms off and not having any flowers when it’s time for that shrub to flower.

Forsythia is a prime example, the life cycle of a forsythia is this, in spring, the forsythia bloom’s two weeks. It’s done blooming, it forms it’s buds shortly thereafter for next year, and then it goes dormant. So if you trim the forsythia any other time of the year, you’re going to be chopping off all the buds and the thing won’t bloom properly.

Make sure you have someone with some basic knowledge of horticulture or do a little googling before you trim your shrubs, it’ll save you a lot of headache and it’ll keep stuff looking premier.

Bear those tips in mind. Trim more often, know what you’re doing, and use some sort of leveling device or a string if you’re going to be doing a hedgerow.

Thanks a bunch.