If you are planning on planting a garden, there are plenty of beautiful, Michigan-native flowers to choose from; 4 great options include New England asters, cardinal flowers, sundrops, and butterfly weed. New England asters are purple and resemble daisies. Cardinal flowers are trumpet-shaped and vibrantly red. Sundrops are bright yellow flowers that grow atop dark green bushels of leaves. Butterfly weed grows clusters of small, reddish-orange flowers and attracts multiple species of moths and butterflies. These native flowers are an important part of Michigan's ecosystem and you can help it flourish by planting these flowers in your garden.

1. New England Asters

New England Asters planted in landscape bed in Chesterfield, MI.

The shape and size of New England asters strongly resemble daisies, but their violet coloring is sure to add some personality to your garden. New England asters can grow up to 6 feet high and provide a source of nectar for late-season pollinators, such as monarch butterflies. These flowers prefer moist soil and can thrive in either full sun or light shade. New England asters are also highly deer resistant, meaning that their strong scent can prevent deer from eating them. If the height of your New England asters becomes an issue, it is recommended that you cut them back before mid-July to help control their growth.

2. Cardinal Flowers

Cardinals planted in landscape bed in Rochester Hills, MI.

Cardinal flowers are perennial plants that grow tall spikes of trumpet-shaped flowers with dark green leaves. Due to their deep red color, many assume that cardinal flowers are named after the bird when they are actually named for the vivid red of a Roman Catholic cardinal's robe. The vibrant color and sweet-smelling nectar of cardinal flowers attract hummingbirds, which they rely on for pollination. These flowers typically bloom throughout the summer and sometimes into the fall. They grow best in a location with full morning sun and afternoon shade as well as moist soil. It is recommended that you plant cardinal flowers in the spring and space them out about a foot apart.

3. Sundrops

Sundrop flowers in New Baltimore, MI.

Sundrops are appropriately named for their round, bright yellow flowers that bloom profusely in the late spring and early summer; they can grow up to 2 feet tall and wide. These flowers make a great groundcover for your landscape beds and can spread rapidly in favorable conditions. Sundrops tend to thrive in full sun when planted in well-drained soil that is slightly dry. Once they have established root systems, sundrops are fairly tolerant to drought. It is suggested that you divide up clumps every 2 to 3 years to maintain this flower's bushiness and control spreading.

4. Butterfly Weed

Butterfly on butterfly weed flower in landscape bed in Macomb, MI.

Butterfly weed is a species of milkweed that attracts butterflies and moths with its coloring and copious production of sweet-smelling nectar. This bushy plant grows large, flat-topped clusters of flowers that can be anywhere from reddish-orange to yellow in color. Natural habitats of butterfly weed include prairies, open woods, canyons, and grassy hillsides. Butterfly weed blooms anytime from the late spring to the early fall. This plant requires full sun and thrives in dry soil, well-drained sand, or gravel. Butterfly weed also needs little water and has a high tolerance to drought.

Butterfly weed can attract monarch butterflies, queen butterflies, dogbane tiger moths, milkweed tussock moths, and other pollinators to your property.

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