Paver patios are a popular hardscape addition for home properties. They provide a clean, outdoor seating area that adds instant appeal to a backyard landscape. That's why Big Lakes Lawncare was more than happy to design and construct, from start to finish, a paver patio for one of our customers in Macomb, MI.

See how our talented team of contractors renovated our customer's backyard to be their new favorite hang out spot, and how we can help elevate the quality and appeal of any southeast Michigan residential landscape!

Taking Advantage of a Large Backyard Space

The best part about having a decent-sized backyard is the possibility to create an outdoor space that can be a second entertainment area for hangouts with friends and family. We saw that potential in our customer's backyard and went to work designing and installing a paver patio that would easily fit into their landscaping layout.

We excavated the area and applied the gravel material for the paver patio base.

Excavating a back yard to prepare for installing a paver patio in Macomb, MI.

Three processes need to happen when installing the floor for a paver patio. The first step was to excavate the area where we would be constructing the patio. To do this, we used a skid-steer loader to remove the unwanted grass and dirt to ensure the ground was properly leveled. Having an even terrain is important to create a smooth layout design when applying the gravel base.

Next, it was time to pour and spread the gravel base to cover the entire area we had just excavated. Once the area was leveled off, we added the bedding sand so we could finish constructing the base.

The concrete pavers were laid out to create the design of the paver patio.

Paver patio under construction at a Macomb, MI home.

After we had the base filled in and properly leveled, it was time to lay the concrete pavers! Using natural gray concrete pavers, we designed the base of the paver patio with a herringbone pattern. Once all the pavers were properly placed, we filled in between the gaps with jointing sand. The additives in the sand, when mixed with water, act as a sealant to keep the concrete pavers in place and eliminate the risk of weed growth and ant infestation.

New landscaping was added to further the aesthetic appeal of the paver patio.

Completed paver patio design and dark mulch landscaping bed at a home in Macomb, MI.

Now that the paver patio was fully constructed, we finished out the project by bordering part of the landscape around it with black mulch and perennial plants to complement the patio. Check out our before and after pictures to see the beautiful transformation!

The customer was extremely happy with the final result. Our team completed the paver patio project efficiently and kept operations clean, safe, and professional.

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