Hello. Chester Buczynski here, Big Lakes Lawncare. The question is how do I know when my new side lawn is ready to be mowed.

There are a few ways to tell how your new sod is ready or when it’s ready to be mowed, rather. The best test is to walk out into the lawn, grab a hold of some of it with your hands and tug on it. If it’s firmly rooted and it’s hanging on well then your lawn is probably ready to be mowed. If you can still lift the sod up it hasn’t rooted fully and you could risk sucking it up into your lawnmower and chopping it into a million pieces. If you don’t give it a little more time the first couple cuts of sod are very labor-intensive, very tedious and you should probably be bagging the clippings.

So, don’t be shocked if it’s a big job and don’t be hesitant if or don’t get worried if you think that it’s getting too long too quick. It’s going to look like a jungle and you just got to wait for the stuff to root before you can mow it. Thank you.