Property owners in Macomb, MI often have many questions after installing sod. These questions usually pertain to what to expect from the new turf and are often more pronounced within the first few days of transitioning to a new sod lawn.

From installation day until a month later, caring for your sod requires a lot of time and energy. But if you install and water your sod on arrival, keep it well-watered for the first month, adhere to certain mowing guidelines, and remember to schedule that first fertilizer treatment no later than a month in.

Caring for Your Sod Directly After Installation

Watering Sod after installation using an irrigation sprinkler in  Rochester Hills, MI.

When you have sod installed on your property, you will need to pay it a lot of attention and care directly after it is installed to ensure its success. The most important thing you will need to do after it is installed is to water it right away. If you put off watering your new sod, even for just a day, the sun could dry it up and cause extensive damage to it. When watering your lawn, try to water about 6 inches into the soil, so it feels soggy when you walk on it.

Sod Care Schedule for the First 3 Weeks

Even though it may look like you have an established lawn, your sod is still fragile at this point and requires time to develop a deep root system. That's why it's best to stay off of new sod to avoid extra stressors to the roots while they grow. A general rule is to stay off of it until the first mowing. Here is how you should care for your sod through the first three weeks:

  • Zero to one week - Keep your sod moist throughout the day with regular watering to foster good root development.
  • One to two weeks - As you approach the 14-day mark, cut back on the frequency of watering to ensure your soil firms up before you mow. Your sod should begin rooting as you near two weeks.
  • Two to three weeks - On day 14, you can mow your new sod for the first time. However, be careful not to pull the turf up while mowing. It's also best to mow high, never cutting more than 1/3 off the grass blades.

Schedule a Fertilizer Treatment After 30 Days

Fertilizer in a bag ready for treatment near Troy, MI.

After a month, your new sod doesn't require as much attention as before but still needs a little TLC. This is the time that you will want to schedule your first fertilizer treatment. Fertilizer is chocked full of essential nutrients that your lawn needs to grow healthy and strong. As your lawn absorbs these nutrients, it will allow your new turf to establish stronger roots, and will also promote healthy grass growth.

The three most important nutrients that all fertilizers should contain are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium.

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From installation to one month in, transitioning to a sod lawn is a process that should not be taken lightly. Fortunately, you don't have to make the transition alone! That's because, at Big Lakes Lawncare, our friendly and dependable lawn care professionals can help you with your sod installation. You can even call on us to schedule your mowing and fertilizer treatments!

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