Flea and tick season is here, and it’s important to make sure you’re prepared for it. In Michigan, flea and tick season begins in the spring as the weather warms up and ends after it starts cooling down in late fall. You want to make sure your property is equipped to deal with both fleas and ticks by applying a granular pesticide that lasts the whole season. This way, you don’t have to worry about either of them after it’s been applied. It’s best to hire a professional who has experience dealing with fleas and ticks and will use the right product to keep you protected for the year.

When is flea and tick season?

Tick mid-way falling from landscape plant in Chesterfield, MI.

Flea and tick season varies from state to state based on the weather conditions. Both pests prefer the warmer weather, so states that are warmer year-round may have a longer season than others. In Michigan, flea and tick season begins in April and ends in November. Knowing when this season begins and ends is important to understand when they should be dealt with.

How do you handle fleas and ticks?

There are various ways to try and keep fleas and ticks off your property. You want to aim to reduce the places they can hide. You can do this by removing any debris or trash, regularly mowing your grass, and trimming your shrubs and trees. However, the best way to deal with fleas and ticks is to apply a pesticide throughout your entire property. Not only will this deal with any ticks and fleas that have already found their way onto your property, but it should keep new fleas and ticks away for the entire season.

Apply a granular product to keep fleas and ticks off your property.

Granular fertilizer being spread by a blue shovel on a landscape bed by a home in Rochester Hills, MI.

When choosing what product to treat your property with, you want to use one that’ll keep your lawn protected for the entire season. This is why you should choose a granular pesticide. Granular products are slow-release, meaning they will keep your property protected for a long period of time. Liquid treatments typically need to be reapplied often to remain effective. Ideally, you should aim to use a granular treatment at the beginning of flea and tick season to keep them from infesting your property.

After the granules are spread around your property, it is important to water your lawn so the pesticide dissolves into your soil.

Hire professionals to treat your property for fleas and ticks.

Hiring a professional to treat your property is the best way to prepare your lawn for flea and tick season. A professional will carry the right products to keep you protected for the entire season, so you shouldn’t have to worry about either of them infesting your lawn. Not only that, but because of their experience and expertise, they should be able to easily identify any areas that need to be addressed that might’ve been missed otherwise. This will ensure any “blind spots” are taken care of so that fleas and ticks are kept away from your yard all year.

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Now is the time to prepare your property for fleas and ticks. It’s best to take measures now to protect yourself from them by keeping them off your property. At Big Lakes Lawncare, we use a granular pesticide to treat your property which will keep both of these pests away for the rest of flea and tick season. We service commercial, HOA, and residential properties in Macomb, MI, and surrounding cities like Chesterfield and Shelby. Give us a call today at (586) 200-0855 to sign up for our flea and tick control service!