Hello it’s Chester with Big Lakes Lawncare and today I’m going to talk quickly about our phone system, and how we guarantee that we answer the phone. All the time. So I started this company myself my name is Chester I started Big Lakes Lawncare in late 2014 and one of the first things I did when I decided to start a company, is I looked around for my competition. Who else is doing what I want to do in the market.

I found about the top 50 companies in the area that did the work that I wanted to do. I looked on Google, Yellow Pages, Yahoo, lawn signs, the places that you normally see companies. I made a list of 50 and I called them all, and half of them didn’t answer the phone. They didn’t, even answer, they didn’t pick up. I called not to be sneaky or anything, I just called to kind of see what’s going on at their place and as a potential customer, half of the companies didn’t pick up the phone.

Like they’re unavailable, what if I were a client and I didn’t want service that week. What if I were a client and my dog got out, you guys let my dog out. What if I were a client I had a question about my bill. What if I were a lead, and I said I’m having a family reunion at my house this weekend. I need somebody to come to my lawn and my lawn mower just crapped out on me. What would that, why is that company in business if they’re not gonna pick up the phone? Beyond me.

So, I made the base line company policy of my company, we answer the phone. We do! We always answer the phone. I personally have answered calls on Easter, Thanksgiving, I know Dani in the office has answered calls on 4th of July, and set people up with their lawns. Now, it’s a hard promise to keep. We’ll have days with the phones blowing off the hook. We got two people on hold, a third on the line and your call may not go through.

So it’s not failsafe and even we struggle with this but we have staff seven days a week, answering the telephone, at our company, at the phone number that you see listed all over. Were there to answer the phone. The office never closes