No one wants mosquitoes to make themselves at home on their property, but preventing it can seem mystifying. We've gathered four tips to help deter mosquitos in and around Macomb, MI so that you can enjoy your time outdoors unhindered by pesky bug bites! The first and second rules of thumb are to always clean up leaves and debris around your property and in your gutters. Debris in those areas can provide a perfect nesting place for mosquitoes looking to lay eggs! Third, you'll need to either get rid of or change daily any standing water like pet bowls, ponds without bubblers, or bird baths. Fourth, and perhaps the most surefire of all, full-coverage professional treatments that will kick mosquitoes to the curb, with overlapping treatments to keep them from coming back!

1. Clean Up Leaves & Debris From Your Property

Our landscaper blowing leaves for lawn health in New Baltimore, MI.

Although tempting to let piles of leaves and debris become a chore for another day, they could be the source of your mosquito issues. Decaying leaves and debris will create a sheltered environment that mosquitoes love because they won't be blown around by the wind. Add in the factor of debris locking in moisture they need to hatch eggs and you've got a recipe for disaster! They can live it up in these debris piles and use them as a home base on your property, so it's essential to clean them out before they sit for an extended period. Plus, this maintenance will improve the curb appeal of your property as well!

2. Make Sure Your Gutters Are Free of Debris

Ensuring gutters are free of debris is especially important in removing potential mosquito trouble areas. Gutters may be more difficult to identify as an issue if you're not looking specifically at them since they're often out of sight – but don't let them be out of mind or you may end up with a swarm of mosquitoes on your hands! Clogged gutters provide shelter for mosquitoes to hunker down when things get windy, and also provide standing water that they need to lay and hatch their eggs. By cleaning your gutters, you're preventing mosquitoes from nesting there and also gaining back the full functionality of the gutters themselves, which is what they're there for!

3. Get Rid of Any Standing Water

A standing body of water attracting many mosquitos by a home in Troy, MI.

The third problem area is going to be anywhere in your property that accumulates standing water – and we mean anywhere. Mosquitoes can lay eggs in as little as a bottle cap of water, so you'll need a sharp eye to sweep your property for anything that could hold standing water and get rid of it. Common culprits are pet bowls, ponds without bubblers, and bird baths. If you do need to have standing water outside, you can help prevent mosquitoes from settling in by changing the water daily so that they never get too comfortable.

4. Professional Mosquito Treatments

If you're sick and tired of dealing with mosquitoes and want a surefire way to kick them to the curb, your best bet will be professional mosquito treatments. Professional treatments will be full-coverage, making sure to hit every part of your property, and easy-to-miss trouble areas will jump out to the trained eyes of technicians. By disrupting the life cycle of mosquitoes, professionals will make it hard for mosquitoes to thrive on your property.

Professional companies can do overlapping mosquito treatments so your property is never vulnerable to mosquito infestation!

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