In Michigan, we have to stay especially vigilant against grubs when it is warm and dry from late June to August. There are a few telltale signs to look out for that could indicate that your lawn may be falling victim to grubs! If your grass can be pulled up like a carpet, that's a definite red flag and can indicate that grubs have begun to destroy the root connection. When walking across your lawn, if grubs are present, you may begin to notice that your lawn feels spongy from the root detachment. You may also begin to see an increased presence of animals like birds and raccoons in your lawn, incentivized by the grubs and using them as a food source! If you notice one or more of these signs, it is time to take a closer look and call a professional.

1. Your Grass Pulls Up Like Carpet

Grass pulled up due to grub damage by a home in Rochester Hills, MI.

When grubs infest a lawn, they set to work feeding on the roots of the grass. What this eventually causes is a complete detachment of the turf, as the roots help cement the grass to the ground. Without the root connection, you will notice that your lawn will start to come up easily and can even pull up like a piece of carpet once that connection is completely severed. This is a huge red flag that something is damaging your grass and should be looked into immediately to help prevent the spread of the issue!

2. Your Lawn Feels Spongy When You Walk On It

As you're walking across your lawn, dedicate a moment to taking inventory of how your lawn feels when you step on it. If your turf feels spongy or a little squishy, that can be another indication of grubs. Because grubs will eat the roots of your grass, as the turf begins to become detached from the root, it won't be as well anchored to the ground as a healthy lawn. The more spongy areas are the areas you'll want to be sure to check for grubs!

3. There’s an Increased Animal Presence in Your Lawn

Another sign that your lawn may be falling victim to a grub infestation is if you're noticing an increased animal presence in your lawn. When animals like birds and raccoons find grubs, they'll revisit that spot to look for them again as a food source. These animals may notice grubs before you do and mark your property as a grub buffet! Take note of where the animals are picking at your lawn and investigate those spots for grubs.

If you're unsure if you are dealing with a grub infestation, it is a good idea to call a professional company to come take a look.

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