Although the fall season in Michigan brings cool weather and colorful leaves, it is also a time you should schedule a fall cleanup service for your property! This is because your property will need a little extra care to prepare it for the upcoming winter season. Before scheduling a professional fall cleanup service, you need to make sure that removing debris and leaves is included. Excess debris promotes ideal conditions for lawn diseases to form. You should also make sure they cut back perennials and pull dead plants from your landscape beds to ensure your landscape beds look neat and tidy. What's more, the fall cleanup service should include a final mow of the year and edging around hardscapes to prepare your entire landscape for the winter months ahead.

1. A fall cleanup service should include removing debris and leaves from your lawn and landscape beds.

Home with a lawn filled with debris and leaves in Memphis, MI.

Make sure that debris removal is part of the service before hiring a company to perform a fall cleanup on your property. This is crucial because debris can suffocate your grass by obstructing its access to sunlight and water, which will harm its health and decrease your property's curb appeal. Debris that is lying around your lawn and landscape beds creates the perfect environment for the development of lawn diseases as well. When professionals remove leaves and debris from your property, you won't have to worry about them piling up and damaging your lawn or creating the perfect environment for lawn diseases.

2. Be sure the fall cleanup service you schedule includes cutting back perennials and pulling dead plants.

Gloved professional pruning dead plant in landscape bed in Armada, MI.

Perennials should be cut back and any dead plants should be pulled as part of a fall cleanup service to keep your landscape beds looking tidy throughout the winter. In addition to making your landscape beds look more attractive, doing this will help to keep your plants healthy and blooming the following year.

Cutting back perennials and removing dead plants will reduce the risk of insect infections and diseases overtaking your landscape beds.

3. A final mow of the year and edging around hardscapes should be included in a fall cleanup service.

Lawn mowed with stripe patterns in Columbus Township, MI.

As the growing season comes to an end, you'll want to have your lawn mowed one last time before the winter season arrives. Your lawn will be less prone to snow mold and will grow greener more quickly in the spring if it receives a shorter cut before the winter. Additionally, you should also edge around your hardscapes to give your property a neat, manicured appearance. Before hiring a company to perform a fall cleanup on your property, make sure that their service will include a last mow of the season as well as edging.

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At Big Lakes Lawncare, we offer our fall cleanup service to customers who are signed up for our fertilizer/weed control program or our lawn mowing program. Our fall cleanup service will make sure your property is in pristine condition as it prepares to enter the winter season. We will clear off any accumulated yard debris such as branches and leaves before winter weather takes over. Our team will also keep your landscape beds in perfect condition and give your lawn one last mow and edge to give your entire property an amazing finishing look. We offer our fall cleanup service to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Macomb, Chesterfield, Shelby, MI, and throughout the surrounding areas. Give us a call at (586) 200-0855 to schedule our fall cleanup service today! We look forward to helping you prepare your property for the winter season!