Sod can give your yard the fresh start it needs and give your property the curb appeal you desire, all in the same day. It has been called an "instant lawn" for these very reasons. Sod is also a great choice to consider if you are looking to reduce the time you spend watering your lawn. On top of that, you can kiss weeds goodbye. Sod naturally requires a lot less attention in the beginning than seeded grass does, so it is built tough to fight off weeds from the first day of installation. When sod is properly installed and maintained, your lawn will thrive. These are all reasons are why you should use sod over grass seed for your new lawn.

1. Sod Gives You an Instant Lawn

Lawn with a new sod installation near Macomb, MI.

Sod is pregrown grass. This is why it is commonly referred to as an "instant lawn". As soon as it is installed, you will instantly be able to enjoy lush, green grass. However, it does require that you give it time to adhere to your soil first before walking or mowing on it.

Sod can be installed from April through October, whereas seed can only be sown on your lawn in the late summer or early fall.

2. Watering and maintaining your sod will require less work and time than traditional grass seed.

Watering new lawn near Macomb, MI.

Less work and time goes into maintaining your new sod than if you were using grass seed. That's mainly because your lawn will display healthy green grass on the day of installation. Therefore, you won't have to work as much initially to reap the benefits of a beautiful lawn. Additionally, maintaining your sod won't require as much watering as it would if you used traditional grass seed. Here's how the typical watering schedule for sod differs from that of newly seeded grass:

  • Watering schedule for sod: You should water your sod twice per day for around 20 minutes or so after it's first installed. You will need to adhere to this schedule for only the first 10-12 days after installation. Around the 10-day mark, your lawn will have adhered to the soil, so you're free to reduce your watering to once per day.
  • Watering schedule for a newly seeded lawn: Traditional grass seed will require water twice a day for about 3 weeks, or until the new seedlings begin to germinate.

It's important to note that with both types, you should make sure that you are not overwatering your grass. Overwatering can cause puddles to form on your turf along with other unsightly issues that can be costly in the future.

3. No Risk of Weeds as Your Sod Establishes Itself

Pulling weeds out of a lawn near Rochester, MI.

You won't have to risk weeds growing on your lawn while sod establishes itself. New sod is already strong, healthy grass when it's installed on your lawn. This is great news! It means that your turf will be able to fight off and suppress weed growth as its roots are establishing in the soil. On the other hand, grass seeds are too weak to fight off weeds when they are first starting out. It's common to spot weed growth here and there on a newly seeded lawn when the roots have not yet established.

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