Weeds that thrive in early spring like purple deadnettle, common chickweed, and shepherd's purse can really hamper the start of the year. These weeds spread by seed and can detract from your curb appeal, making them a real headache for property owners in Michigan.

Post-emergent herbicides will eliminate them from your lawn, but it's still best to invest in preventative measures with pre-emergent weed control so you don't have to deal with them in the first place. However, you need to first identify them properly. Keep reading to learn more about these weeds so you can distinguish them from your grass!

1. Purple Deadnettle

Purple deadnettle weed on property in Macomb, MI.

If you wake up one day in the spring and notice a plant with green leaves and tubular purple flowers on top, you might be looking at a purple deadnettle. This weed is a member of the mint family and is distinguishable by its square stems. As this weed matures, its apex leaves develop a purplish shade.

Purple deadnettle is a common winter annual weed in Michigan. They germinate in the fall, survive through winter, and flourish in the spring. Purple deadnettle is invasive and will compete with your lawn for nutrients and space in a critical time like the spring when it needs all its energy coming out of dormancy. Applying post-emergence weed control effectively eliminates this weed from your property, so your turf won't have to compete for much-needed nutrients at the start of the new season.

2. Common Chickweed

Chickweeds found in lawn in Rochester Hills, MI.

The seedlings of common chickweed are egg-shaped and hairy. In maturity, its light green stems grow close to the ground while its tiny white flowers emerge at the top of the plant. Its low-growing habit can make your lawn look unkempt.

Common chickweed loves moist soil that is present in early spring. This weed also spreads rapidly, so you need to keep an eye out for this weed before it takes over your lawn. To keep your property free from this weed, hire a professional weed control team to apply post-emergent herbicides so you can rest easy knowing your lawn won't have to compete with this invasive weed.

Common chickweed seed production can range from 750 to over 30,000 seeds per plant!

3. Shepherd's Purse

Shepherds purse weeds found growing in lawn in Chesterfield, MI.

Another winter annual that spreads rapidly in early spring and causes headaches for many property owners in Michigan is the shepherd's purse weed. This invasive weed emerges as a seedling in late summer to early fall and can be identified by these characteristics:

  • Seedlings form a basal rosette upon germination
  • Leaves are initially rounded before becoming wavy in maturity
  • Erect and hairy stems with rosette foliage at the base
  • Small, white flowers
  • Heart-shaped seed pods

Hand pulling is not easy because of this weed's basal rosettes and taproot. A post-emergent herbicide application will remove shepherd's purse from your yard. However, the best way to deal with weeds is to not deal with them in the first place by preventing their growth. We recommend investing in a pre-emergent weed control treatment before this weed germinates so you don't have to deal with it in the spring.

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