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Richmond, MI Lawn & Landscaping Services

Keep your property in Richmond, MI looking great with our lawn and landscaping services.

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We offer lawn and landscaping services to commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Richmond, MI.

Our crew can strengthen and beautify your lawn, spruce up your landscape, eliminate pests, and remove snow from your property.

Richmond, MI is a city that is located in both Macomb and St. Clair counties and has a population of over 5,800 people. One of the popular attractions for people to visit in and around Richmond is the Richmond Community Theater, which has featured excellent theater productions for more than 50 years. This tight-knit community celebrates the Richmond Good Old Days Festival every year, which boasts The Great Michigan Parade, the largest musical marching band in the state!

Here at Big Lakes Lawncare, we help commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Richmond strengthen their lawns and spruce up their landscapes with our lawn and landscaping services. We also offer pest control treatments and snow removal services!

We provide lawn fertilization, weed control, yard cleanups, and other lawn care and maintenance services.

Aerator machine in lawn in Richmond, MI.

Our team is committed to keeping your lawn in Richmond, MI in excellent health with our top-quality lawn care services. We will strengthen your grass and protect it from lawn diseases and invasive weeds to keep your lawn in excellent health throughout the year. We'll also maintain its lush and pristine appearance by keeping it free from unappealing leaf piles and debris. Below are all the lawn care and maintenance services we offer:

Our Landscaping Services Will Keep Your Landscape Looking Gorgeous

Pristine landscapes do not happen overnight. Here at Big Lakes Lawncare, we will put in the necessary work to keep your landscape in Richmond, MI looking gorgeous. Our team is skilled at renovating and installing landscape beds, planting vibrant plants and flowers, and eliminating weeds in your landscape beds to spruce up the aesthetics of your yard. We can also install outdoor lights to brighten up your yard and highlight the best features of your property at night. Our landscaping services include:

We keep homes and businesses in Richmond, MI safe and accessible during the winter season with our commercial snow removal and residential snow removal services.

Enjoy a pest-free property with our pest control services.

Chinch bug found in lawn in Richmond, MI.

We know how important it is for property owners in Richmond, MI to protect their properties from invasive creepy crawlers. That's where our pest control services come in. We offer highly effective treatments that target a wide range of pests! From pesky cockroaches, spiders, and earwigs to destructive lawn pests like grubs and chinch bugs, our treatments will effectively eliminate them from your lawn and property. Check out all the pest control services we offer:

We offer commercial lawn and landscaping services.

Our team helps business owners in Richmond, MI cultivate healthy and lush lawns and maintain their vibrant landscapes. We'll take lawn care, lawn mowing, lawn maintenance, and landscaping off your shoulders so you can focus more on your business while ensuring your commercial property looks its best all year long. We also offer an HOA grounds maintenance service.

Give us a call today to sign up for any of our lawn and landscaping services!

Our team at Big Lakes Lawncare offers exceptional lawn and landscaping services for commercial, residential, and HOA properties in Richmond, MI. Your satisfaction is our main priority, and you can expect that we will regularly check in with you to ensure you are happy and satisfied with our work. If you're interested in improving your yard in Richmond, call us today at (586) 200-0855 to sign up for any of our lawn and landscaping services.

Comprehensive Lawn Care & Landscaping

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