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Ferndale, MI

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Professional Lawn Care & Landscaping Services in Ferndale, MI

Our services include lawn fertilization, seasonal cleanups, mulch installation, and more.

Ferndale is a stunning city in Oakland County, MI, and part of the Detroit metropolitan area. A little over 20,000 residents call Ferndale home. This city is known as a hub for art, music, and DIY culture; its downtown has earned an award as a Great American Main Street due to its diverse and vibrant food scene, support of local makers, and independent shops. You can also visit the Ferndale Historical Museum to learn more about its history.

Ferndale is a great city to live and work in, and at Big Lakes Lawncare, we're here to help you take care of your residential, commercial, or HOA property. We offer various lawn care and maintenance, pest control, landscaping, and snow removal services - including lawn fertilization, seasonal cleanups, mulch installation, and more.

We can take care of and maintain your lawn to keep it in pristine condition with services like fertilization, weed control, seasonal cleanups, and more.

If you want to keep your lawn in pristine condition and enhance your property's curb appeal, then we're the ones to call! We offer various lawn care services to give your turf everything it needs to thrive, including fertilization and weed control. Our fertilization and weed control program includes six fertilization treatments to supply your lawn with essential nutrients throughout the year, during which we also utilize pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control treatments. We can core aerate your lawn in the spring or fall to give the roots of your grass better access to essential resources, and we offer overseeding in the fall to fill in bare and patchy areas of your lawn with new grass growth. We also offer curative fungicide treatments to treat lawn diseases like leaf spot, dollar spot, and snow mold.

Our lawn maintenance services include spring and fall cleanups, where we'll cut back perennials, pull out dead annuals, blow leaves and debris out of your landscape beds, clean up debris from your lawn, and mow/edge your lawn. We also offer a fall leaf removal service to take care of the leaf piles in your yard.

We offer tree and shrub fertilization treatments to give them the nutrients they need and disease and insect control treatments to eliminate these problems from your plants.

We can keep pesky insects at bay with our pest control services.

European Chafer beetle found on planting in landscape bed in Ferndale, MI.

We know how troublesome insects can be for you and your lawn, which is why we offer our pest control services to keep them at bay. We offer perimeter pest control treatments to prevent them from entering your inside space and disturbing your peace. We can also treat your property for fleas and ticks with one application that'll protect you for the entire year. If mosquitoes are a problem for you, don't worry! We'll apply our mosquito control treatments via a backpack fogger four times a year to eliminate these pesky bloodsuckers from your property.

Lawn insects can cause problems for your turf, but we won't let them! We offer preventative grub control treatments to prevent grubs from feasting on the roots of your grass and curative treatments to eliminate an existing grub infestation. We can also apply our lawn insect control treatments to effectively take care of Japanese beetles, European chafers, chinch bugs, and sod webworms.

We offer various landscaping services, like mulch installation, drainage solutions, outdoor lighting, and more.

We offer various landscaping services to replenish and transform your property, whether we plant new life in your landscape beds or renovate them for a new look. We can also trim and prune your shrubs to benefit their appearance and health!

We can install mulch or rocks in your landscape beds to add color, contrast, and health benefits to your plants. We even offer landscape bed weed control treatments to take care of pesky weeds that are populating your beds.

Establish your new lawn with our sod installation service! We follow a comprehensive process to ensure proper installation. We even offer drainage solutions if your property has flooding issues, including french drains, downspout extensions, and more.

We can illuminate your outdoor living space with our outdoor lighting service; we use LED bulbs for long-lasting efficiency and can even repair them if anything happens.

Our commercial services include lawn care, mowing and maintenance, and more.

Snow plow truck clearing roads in Ferndale, MI.

We can keep your business or HOA property in pristine condition with our commercial services! First impressions are everything, which is why we offer lawn care services to keep your turf healthy and a beautiful green. We also provide mowing and maintenance services to keep your lawn at an ideal height year-round and clear of debris and leaves. If you're an HOA property owner, we'll take care of your ground so that you don't have to with our grounds maintenance service!

Go the extra mile for your property with our landscaping services. We can add color, contrast, and eye-catching displays to your landscape beds while also maintaining the health of your plants.

Snow is a pain to clear, but not for us! We offer snow removal and deicing services to residential and commercial properties.

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Don't let your residential, commercial, or HOA property fall to the wayside - we'll take care of your property with our high-quality services! At Big Lakes Lawncare, we offer various lawn care and landscaping services to properties in Ferndale, MI. From fertilization to drainage solutions to pest control, we can do it all and more. Call us at (586) 200-0855 to sign up for any of our lawn care and landscaping services today!

Comprehensive Lawn Care & Landscaping

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