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Big Lakes Lawn Care in Macomb County, Michigan provides insured, and professional Hedge & Shrub Trimming Services.

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You Deserve Professional Lawn Mowing Services & a Powerful Guarantee to MAKE DESICIONS RISK-FREE

Things To Consider When Hiring a Hedge & Shrub Trimming Company

Of course, there are many things to consider when hiring a company to trim your hedges and shrubs.

We have trained professionals who can perfectly manicure your shrubs and hedges utilizing proper techniques and the correct equipment at the right time of year. You will be impressed with our results and just as impressed by the cleanup


You can feel secure and comfortable with our insurance protection which includes; 2 million dollars in general liability, workman’s compensation, and all the necessary truck insurance. Everything and everyone is protected.


You’ll be able to gauge the quality of the job by our attention to detail. We ensure perfectly manicured shrubs & hedges and a very thorough clean up.


We guarantee that you will love our work. If not, we will redo any items in question completely free, no questions asked.

Steps To Signing Up For Our Hedge & Shrub Trimming Service

To sign up with Big Lakes Lawn Care for our trimming services, just call us or fill in this form!

We usually book hedge trimming about a week in advance.

In the 10 minute sign up call we will take all necessary information from you and can even measure your property online to give you a quote while on the phone.

We can usually put you on our route right away.

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Professional Lawn Mowing
Spring Cleanup

We have a variety of packages available

You can choose how often you would like your shrubs or hedges trimmed.

We offer a one-time shot, twice a year, or once every 6 weeks – which is our most popular and economical package.

To give you an idea as to how long we are on your property for this service; a once every 6 weeks package will take a 1 or 2 man crew between 15 and 20 minutes to complete the job.

Some of the professional equipment we use include:

Redmax hedge trimmers, pole trimmers, pole saws, and Redmax backpack blowers for cleanup.

Big Lakes Shrub Service FAQ

When to Trim Forsythia

What's up, everyone? It's Chester here with Big Leagues Lawn Care. Just wanted to show you this plant really quick. This is the same plant from the spring. It's called a forsythia, and these things are gorgeous and bright yellow when they bloom. When they're dormant,...

Shrub Trimming Tips

Since I'm on the Shrub Trimming Tangent, the STT. Shrub, Trimming, Tangent, I'm gonna tell you one more thing about trim, trim and shrubs. Or rather, I'll give you a few tips, It might be three plus or minus one tip that I will be providing in today's video. When you...

What to be careful of when trimming hedgerows

Hello. Chester Buczynski here Big Lakes Lawncare. I have a quick quick tip excuse me, a quick tip for any of you that may be trimming your own hedges this year. There's one tip I have that I see happen all the time. People make this mistake and it makes the hedges...

Big Lakes Lawn Care has the best reviews in the county!

See why our customers stay with us, recommend us to their neighbors for our hedge, shrub trimming, and all the other guaranteed professional services we have to offer.


Last year was my first summer in my house and the yard was a disaster! Chester and his crew have worked hard this summer to make it something I can be proud of now. The workers are very courteous and always show up on my scheduled day. When I do have questions or requests, Chester answers when I call, or promptly returns the call. I would highly recommend Big Lakes for all your lawn care needs.
Anne Porter


Big Lakes Lawncare provides a quality and professional service. Great turn around times and excellent customer service. I wouldnt call anyone else for my lawn care needs.
Jonas Olson


These guys know their stuff and the owner Chester is top notch. They really invest into their company and want the best for their customers! Cory Bettinghouse

Areas We Serve

Big Lakes Lawncare LLC provides more than just weekly lawn maintenance and continually improve our business with the goal of providing reliable, unsurpassed service to our customers.

We proudly serve homeowners in Richmond, Chesterfield, Sterling Heights, Macomb Township, Warren, Shelby, New Baltimore, Saint Clair Shore & some outlying areas.