Hi there, I’m Dani.

I work here in the office at Big Lakes Lawncare.

You may recognize my voice if you’ve ever called in to set up a service, or if you have any questions about your services or any of the bills that you’ve received. I’m one of the voices here in the office.

I love working for Big Lakes Lawncare because I love giving people the opportunity to have more free time. I believe that the services that we provide here at Big Lakes Lawncare do just that.

As a busy mom of three myself, I understand how important free time is, especially to a family or to busy working professionals, and being able to provide the services that we can in order to free up time in your life really means a lot to me.

When I’m not working at Big Lakes Lawncare, I do enjoy spending time with my family. We love to camp and spend time outdoors. I have three busy, active children.

My son plays travel soccer, and my daughters are competitive cheerleaders, and those are the greatest joys in my life, watching them do the things that they love.

Here in the office, I am also responsible for human resources and technology, and I’m also a photographer, so any of the graphics that you see, any of the print media, any of the photography that you may see that’s in our marketing, a lot of times that could be from yours truly.

So thank you.