– Hello my name’s Chester, I’m the owner of Big Lakes Lawncare and as the owner, I integrate the team, I manage the team and I help lead the company. I’m also in charge of sales and marketing and I’m in charge of finance. The thing I love about this industry is that we get to go out in the community and improve it. We get to improve the lives of our clients, we get to improve the lives of our employees and we get to improve the lives of people that live in the community and we get to build the community, that goes for business owners, property managers and residents as well. When I’m not workin’ at Big Lakes I love running and fitness, I love jogging, I love trying new restaurants, and workin’ on my diet, cooking new foods and things like that. I am a coffee addict and I also love spendin’ time with my family and reading books and learnin’ more about business. Thanks.

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