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Our mulching service brightens up your garden, keeping the soil fresh, healthy, and tidy!
We guarantee complete customer satisfaction. If you are unhappy for any reason, we will work with you to find an immediate solution 
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Make your garden more attractive and fight weed growth. Schedule your mulch installation today!

Big Lakes Lawncare Mowing FAQ

3 Tips to Keep your Beds Weed Free

What's up guys it's Chester with big Lakes lawn care. Today I'm gonna give you a few points on how to keep your beds weed free. This is a question we get asked all the time, and I figured I'd give you a few pointers on how you can do it by yourself. The first step to...

Transform Your Property With Mulch

What's up guys! it's Chester with Big Lakes Lawncare. I just want to let you know really quick that if you want to absolutely fall in love with your home again. If you want a sense of pride, if you just want that awesome response when you have company. If you want to...

The key to installing mulch around the base of a tree

Hello, my name is Chester. I'm the founder of big lakes lawn care and today I'm going to give you a quick tip if you are installing your own mulch this year. So, one mistake that people make when they're installing mulch is that at the base of their plants and trees...

Scheduling Your Mulching Service

We prioritize any job. There is no wait necessary! Typically, our 2-5 worker crews take less than a day to complete your mulch installation.

Mulch Installation Service Details

Mulch keeps your plants and soil healthy. It brightens up any property! Our team removes weeds before installation. We then install premium hardwood mulch at a depth of about 3 inches. The mulch is spread evenly and is neatly stacked, with clean edges.

Make your garden more attractive and fight weed growth. Schedule your mulch installation today!

Big Lakes Lawncare is a local outdoor maintenance company in Macomb County, Michigan. We take pride in our customer service and know that our client satisfaction is what brings us our continued success.

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Last year was my first summer in my house and the yard was a disaster! Chester and his crew have worked hard this summer to make it something I can be proud of now. The workers are very courteous and always show up on my scheduled day. When I do have questions or requests, Chester answers when I call, or promptly returns the call. I would highly recommend Big Lakes for all your lawn care needs.
Anne Porter


Big Lakes Lawncare provides a quality and professional service. Great turn around times and excellent customer service. I wouldnt call anyone else for my lawn care needs.
Jonas Olson


These guys know their stuff and the owner Chester is top notch. They really invest into their company and want the best for their customers! Cory Bettinghouse

Areas We Serve

Big Lakes Lawncare LLC provides more than just weekly lawn maintenance and continually improve our business with the goal of providing reliable, unsurpassed service to our customers.

We proudly serve homeowners in Richmond, Chesterfield, Sterling Heights, Macomb Township, Warren, Shelby, New Baltimore, Saint Clair Shore & some outlying areas.