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Big Lakes Lawncare Mowing FAQ

Why Having GPS In Our Trucks Is Good For Our Clients

Hello. Chester Buczynski here with Big Lakes Lawncare. The question is why do you have GPS tracking units in all of your trucks. So, we have a GPS tracking unit in every single one of our company trucks and there are a few reasons why. The first and foremost reason is...

How We Guarantee Quality With Random Spot Checks

Hello. I'm Chester, founder Big Lakes Lawncare. The question is what is a quality spot-check and why do you do them. Quality spot check is something that is unique to our company. We send out managers and office staff occasionally into the field to randomly check on...

What happens to our mowing schedule when it rains

Hello. This is Chester with Big Lakes Lawn Care. The question is, what happens when it rains. Now, weather is the one thing we can't control in our business so we're constantly battling with rain, snow, sleet, hail etc. When it rains, we generally will keep mowing...

When Is The Last Mow Of The Season?

Hello. My name is Chester. I'm the founder of Big Lakes Lawncare and the question being asked is, how late in the season do you mow. Now, we're in Macomb Michigan, a suburb of Detroit, and the weather is sort of volatile here. Sometimes it's snowing on Halloween and...

Why Do You Mow My Lawn In A Different Direction Each Week?

Hello. My name is Chester Buczynski. I'm the founder of Big Lakes Lawncare and the question is, why do you mow my lawn in a different direction every week. The reason we mow your lawn in a different direction every week is to avoid rutting. If we run our mowers the...


Straight lines, an even cut, careful, safe service every time. The experience that comes with mowing hundreds of lawns has taught us to do this job properly, consistently.


Hard-to-reach spots around your property are all taken care of with our string trimmers. We make sure that even if our mowers can’t reach – it still gets taken care of.


Our string trimmers keep everything looking neat. Our blade edgers keep everything looking sharp. Our clean, crisp edges put us ahead of our competitors.


Lawn mowing is messy work! Our powerful blowers ensure that your outdoor surfaces are left looking freshly swept. A nice bonus each week.


Last year was my first summer in my house and the yard was a disaster! Chester and his crew have worked hard this summer to make it something I can be proud of now. The workers are very courteous and always show up on my scheduled day. When I do have questions or requests, Chester answers when I call, or promptly returns the call. I would highly recommend Big Lakes for all your lawn care needs.
Anne Porter


Big Lakes Lawncare provides a quality and professional service. Great turn around times and excellent customer service. I wouldnt call anyone else for my lawn care needs.
Jonas Olson


These guys know their stuff and the owner Chester is top notch. They really invest into their company and want the best for their customers! Cory Bettinghouse

Areas We Serve

Big Lakes Lawncare LLC provides more than just weekly lawn maintenance and continually improve our business with the goal of providing reliable, unsurpassed service to our customers.

We proudly serve homeowners in Richmond, Chesterfield, Sterling Heights, Macomb Township, Warren, Shelby, New Baltimore, Saint Clair Shore & some outlying areas.